How do I get a void key?

How do I get a void key?

Survival Missions – A Void Key is guaranteed at 15 minutes of survival, or 900 seconds. Interception Missions – A high chance for a Void Key every 4 rounds. Excavation Missions – Shared the same rewards table as Survival missions, with a single Excavation equivalent to 5 minutes in Survival.

Where is the void in Warframe?

It can be accessed via connections from Europa, Neptune, Phobos, and Sedna.

What is void t3 Warframe?

It refers to the third branch of missions in the void, once you reach Neptune. Specifically you’re looking for Ukko capture.

Where can I use void key?


  1. Opens the door to the Vault of Defiled Truth located on the First Floor of the Duskmoon Tower.
  2. Opens the door to the Tower of Treasons Repaid located on the Fourth Floor Underground of the Fortress of Remembrance.
  3. Disappears from inventory on use.

How do I get Dragon keys?

You can get Dragon Key blueprints in the Orokin Lab of your Clan Dojo. Each of the four keys needs a different Blueprint, which you can build for 500 Credits, 250 Salvage, and 10 Void Traces.

What race are the Entrati?

This Syndicate is neutral to other Syndicates. Heirs to the legacy of Albrecht Entrati, his powerful Orokin family encountered disaster, isolation and bitter division on Deimos.

Where do void relics drop?

Void Relics are received as rewards in missions — primarily endless missions (although some non-endless missions, such as Spy, have a chance of rewarding a Void Relic upon completion). One relic is guaranteed from completing any mission in the Void.

How do you unlock all void missions?

For void missions, you have to play the junction to get there, if you didn’t already have keys… If you’re looking for prime parts, you have to first have relics, then run fissure missions. When I go to the Void on the new star chart there are missions; some are unlocked, but most are not.