How do I get a SmartRider in WA?

How do I get a SmartRider in WA?

SmartRider cards can be purchased at Transperth InfoCentres located at the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, Perth Busport, Perth Station or Perth Underground. More than 60 retail outlets also sell SmartRider cards. SmartRider cards cannot be bought from Transperth online.

Can you get a SmartRider on your phone?

The free Transperth app is available to download on iOS and Android devices. By logging in to My Account, you can register and manage your SmartRider and Autoload, My Alerts email and app notifications, SmartParker and access to bike shelters. Don’t have My Account?

How much is a SmartRider?

A Standard SmartRider costs $20 and includes $10 of travel. Cash tickets – these can be purchased from ticket machines at train stations and ferry jetties, and from bus drivers.

How long does it take to activate a SmartRider?

between 12 and 24 hours
The system takes between 12 and 24 hours for your latest transactions and any changes to appear online.

Does SmartRider credit expire?

Once the expiry date passes your SmartRider will revert to a standard SmartRider and you will be charged standard fares. Before this date you can apply to have a new concession on your card, such as a Health Care Card or tertiary concession if you are continuing your studies at an eligible institution.

How do I find my SmartRider number?

SMS. Text your SmartRider card number (the nine digits after the SR letters) and we will reply with your SmartRider balance. You should text 13 62 13 for Telstra and Optus customers only. Other customers will need to use 0456 13 62 13 instead.

How do I add SmartRider to my wallet?

Transfer your physical transit card to Apple Wallet

  1. On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the Add button .
  3. Tap Transit Card.
  4. Choose a card from the list, or search by location or card name.
  5. Tap Continue.
  6. Tap Transfer Existing Card.
  7. Enter your card number and other required information.

Can someone else use my SmartRider?

Transfer of card balance to another person – your SmartRider card balance is not transferable to another person.

Where can I buy a SmartRider in TransBusselton and TransBunbury?

Arrangements for TransBusselton and TransBunbury passengers who want to buy or top up their SmartRiders are changing. Previously, TransBunbury passengers were able to buy new SmartRiders at the Bunbury Central bus station on Blair Street.

What is the Transperth SmartRider?

The SmartRider is a credit card-sized smartcard incorporating a microchip and internal aerial, allowing the smartcard to communicate with processors located at Transperth railway stations, on Transperth ferries and on Transperth and regional town bus services.

What is TransBunbury?

TransBunbury is a public transport provider in Perth which operates Bus routes. The TransBunbury has 12 Bus routes in Perth with 484 Bus stops.

How many bus routes does TransBunbury have in Perth?

The TransBunbury has 12 Bus routes in Perth with 484 Bus stops. Their Bus routes cover an area from the Norton Prom Before Hutt Dr stop to the Access Rd Bunbury Catholic College Australind stop and from the Macquarie Dr Kingston Primary School stop to the Dalyellup Bvd After Diamond St stop. Do you work for TransBunbury? Partner with us!