How do I get a Class C CDL in NJ?

How do I get a Class C CDL in NJ?

Getting your Commercial Driver License (CDL)

  1. Be a US Citizen or a non-US Citizen with lawful permanent resident status.
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Have a basic; New Jersey driver’s license(Class D).
  4. Have at least 20/40 vision in each eye with or without glasses.
  5. Be able to recognize red, green, and amber colors.

What is a Class C license in NJ?

Class C includes Any vehicle transporting or used in the transportation of hazardous materials, with mandatory placard. Any vehicle designed to carry 16 or more passengers, including the driver.

How much do Class A CDL Drivers Make NJ?

Class A CDL Truck Driver Salary in New Jersey

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $72,557 $6,046
75th Percentile $62,055 $5,171
Average $51,502 $4,291
25th Percentile $43,439 $3,619

How long is CDL training in NJ?

How long is CDL school in New Jersey? On average, it takes about seven weeks to get your CDL when attending a full-time driver training program in New Jersey.

Can you get a CDL with a DUI in NJ?

A CDL licensed driver with a first offense DWI conviction will automatically receive a one year CDL revocation in addition to his or her 3-12 month basic driver’s license suspension. A second offense will result in a lifetime revocation of his or her CDL license.

How much do dump truck drivers make in NJ?

The average salary for a dump truck driver is $23.86 per hour in New Jersey.

What is the most money a truck driver can make?

According to ZipRecruiter, oversized load truckers can earn up to $175,500, depending on what is being transported and how often you are on the road. However, compensation for most oversized load drivers will be closer to $57,000 per year.

Which CDL license is the best?

Class A CDL
A Class A CDL allows you to have more opportunity and variety in your career and is the best choice if you are looking for a long-term career as a driver. If traveling the country appeals to you, Class A CDLs allow for interstate travel.

How long does a CDL permit last in NJ?

180 days
When issued, a CLP is valid for 180 days and must be accompanied by a New Jersey driver’s license if operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). CLP applicants are required to submit a CDL Holder Self-Certification form and a valid (unexpired) medical examiner’s certificate, if required.

What is CDL classification?

Small HazMat vehicles

  • Passenger vans
  • Combination vehicles not covered by Classes A or B
  • What is a Class A CDL test?

    – General Knowledge Test – Combination Vehicles Test – Air Brakes Test (if applicable, most Class A vehicles are equipped with Air Brakes but not all) – Applicable exams for desired endorsements

    How to find CDL drivers?

    – Recruiting sites – Trucking forums – Social media is a great way to reach and engage potential CDL drivers. There are several groups of truck drivers on Facebook who are looking for work.

    What is a CDL job?

    Guard and maintain the safety,security,and control of the armored vehicle and liability at all times

  • Guard and maintain the safety and security of your team at all times
  • Maintain radio communication with the Cash Transport Guard and other vehicle crew during pick-up and delivery of liability