How do I fix code P0155?

How do I fix code P0155?

What repairs can fix the P0155 code?

  1. Fix broken wires or bare wires.
  2. Replace the coolant temperature sensor.
  3. Replace the oxygen sensor.
  4. Replace the power control module (PCM), in the rare case that it is necessary.

What is engine code P0155?

Code P0155 occurs when the powertrain control module tests the upstream heated oxygen sensor’s heater circuit on Bank 2 and detects a short in the circuit or excessive resistance in the heater circuit.

Where are the O2 sensors located on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The rear/lower downstream sensor (2/2) is located in the exhaust downpipe just after the rear mini-catalytic convertor, and before the main catalytic convertor.

How many O2 sensors does a 2000 Jeep Wrangler have?

Your Parts supply company should be able to tell you for sure but you will have between 3 -4 o2 sensors.

Is Bank 1 upstream or downstream?

Bank 1 Sensor 1 means Upstream Right/Rear;Bank 2 Sensor 1 means Upstream Left/Front;Bank 1 Sensor 2 means Downstream Right/Rear;Bank 2 Sensor 2 means Downstream Left/Front.

What side is bank 1 sensor 2?

Bank 1 sensor 2 is located downstream, usually right behind the catalytic converter.

What does code P0430 Bank 2 mean?

P0430 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for “Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 2).” The code warns about a problem with the catalytic converter mounted near engine bank 2 (the side of the engine opposite the number one cylinder).

What does O2 sensor heater circuit malfunction mean?

DTC P0141 stands for “Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1, Sensor 2).” It indicates that there’s a problem with the heater circuit of engine bank 1’s downstream O2 sensor. Your car’s PCM tests the oxygen sensors’ heater circuits for integrity.

How many O2 sensors does a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee have?

All four oxygen sensors located in the Jeep Grand Cherokee are different prices and sizes. While you are purchasing your oxygen sensor, ask the store clerk or look online for an oxygen sensor socket. It has a split down the middle for the cable to fit.

Where is the O2 sensor located on a 2001 Jeep Wrangler?

The oxygen sensors are in the exhaust pipe between the engine and the catalytic converter on the Jeep Wrangler.

How many O2 sensors does a 2001 Jeep Wrangler have?

The 2001 does indeed have 4 sensors.