How do I find my court date in Montgomery County Texas?

How do I find my court date in Montgomery County Texas?

When is my court date? Contact your attorney or bondsman for the date and time of your court appearance. You can also search the court’s docket by clicking here to search the District Clerk records. Contact 936-538-3532 for any other questions concerning the docket.

How do I pay my Montgomery County citation?

Pay your fines Our office accepts payments in person using cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. (2.15% service fee on all debit & credit card payments). No personal or business checks are accepted. Money orders should be made payable to Montgomery County.

What county is the city of Montgomery Texas in?

Montgomery CountyMontgomery / CountyMontgomery County is a county in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2020 U.S. census, the county had a population of 620,443. The county seat is Conroe. The county was created by an act of the Congress of the Republic of Texas on December 14, 1837, and is named for the town of Montgomery. Wikipedia

How do you know if I have tickets in Texas?

In order to obtain information on a citation issued to you by the Texas Highway Patrol contact DPS Customer Service at or call 512-424-2600.

What is Montgomery TX known for?

As one of the oldest towns in Texas, Montgomery began as a trading post in 1826 and was charted in 1837. Montgomery was the first county seat of Montgomery County and was the third county formed under the Republic of Texas. It is also recognized as the birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag.

What is the Montgomery Municipal Court?

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the government of the City of Montgomery. It is committed to administering justice in a fair, efficient, and timely manner. Court services are increasingly available online, by telephone, email, and through the mail which contributes to compliance in a customer service and Eco-friendly way.

What is the mission of the Municipal Court?

The mission of the Municipal Court is to provide the best quality service to the citizens of Montgomery, attorneys, and other agencies. We have recently expanded our facility to accommodate the needs of our thriving city.

Are We Montgomery County or Montgomery County Justice of the peace?

We are NOT Montgomery County. Please click here for Justice of the Peace Precincts or Call 936-760-5800 option 3. Notice: Nothing contained on this site is intended as legal advice. You may wish to consult an attorney before deciding which option is appropriate for you.