How do I filter multiple columns by color?

How do I filter multiple columns by color?

You can sort by multiple colors and then hide the rows that shouldn’t be displayed, just like a filter would.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel and open the spreadsheet you want to filter by multiple colors.
  2. Select the column that you want to filter.
  3. Click the “Data” tab at the top of the Excel window.

How do I sort by multiple columns in Excel by color?

Sort by cell color, font color, or icon

  1. Select a cell in the column you want to sort.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Sort.
  3. In the Sort dialog box, under Column, in the Sort by box, select the column that you want to sort.
  4. Under Sort On, select Cell Color, Font Color, or Cell Icon.

Can you filter multiple columns in Excel at the same time?

Answer: You can filter multiple columns based on 3 or more criteria by applying an advanced filter. To do this, open your Excel spreadsheet so that the data you wish to filter is visible. Under the Data menu, select Filter > Advanced Filter.

How do you filter 3 columns?

To filter with search:

  1. Select the Data tab, then click the Filter command. A drop-down arrow will appear in the header cell for each column.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow for the column you want to filter.
  3. The Filter menu will appear.
  4. When you’re done, click OK.
  5. The worksheet will be filtered according to your search term.

How do I filter multiple columns based on single criteria in Excel?

1. Enter this formula: =ISERROR(MATCH(“Helen”,A2:C2,0)) into cell D2, and then drag the fill handle down to the cells to apply this formula, and the FALSE and TRUE displayed into the cells, see screenshot: Note: In the above formula: “Helen” is the criteria that you want to filter rows based on, A2:C2 is the row data.

How do I sort multiple columns in Excel and keep rows together?

In the Sort Warning window, select Expand the selection, and click Sort. Along with Column G, the rest of the columns will also be sorted, so all rows are kept together. This technique works for any sort, including sorting by date or sorting alphabetically.

How do I sort multiple columns in Excel?

Sorting levels

  1. Select a cell in the column you want to sort by.
  2. Click the Data tab, then select the Sort command.
  3. The Sort dialog box will appear.
  4. Click Add Level to add another column to sort by.
  5. Select the next column you want to sort by, then click OK.
  6. The worksheet will be sorted according to the selected order.

How do you group colored cells in Excel?

Simply click on the AutoFilter arrow next to the column heading you want to sort by, choose Sort by color from the drop down menu, and then select the color of cells that you want to be on top or at the bottom.

What is the difference between filter and advanced filter?

While the regular data filter will filter the existing dataset, you can use Excel advanced filter to extract the data set to some other location as well. Excel Advanced Filter allows you to use complex criteria. You can use the Excel Advanced Filter to extract unique records from your data (more on this in a second).

How do I filter 3 columns in Excel?

How do I filter in Excel without affecting other columns?

You don’t – that is the idea behind filters – It shows the data that meets specific criteria in one or more columns, and hides the rest. If you want to filter 1 column without affecting other columns, copy that column to a new blank worksheet.

How do you create a column filter in Excel?

With filter option under the Home tab

  • With filter option under the Data tab
  • With the shortcut key
  • Why is my filter not working in Excel?

    There are blank rows. If there are blank rows among rows that you are filtering,these blanks rows will block the Filter feature to detects data below the blank row.

  • Cells are merged. If cells in one column are merged,the Filter result only show the first row and other rows are hidden.
  • Data format is not the same.
  • How to filter multiple columns simultaneously in Excel?

    Select the header of your data set to apply the filter option.

  • Apply the “Filter” option.
  • Filter the column ”D” by the names from the letter “A” and click ok.
  • Now,Filter the column ”E” by the location “USA ” and click ok. Advanced filter tool is an amazing tool to filter multiple columns at the same time.
  • How to customize filters in Excel?

    – Point to either Number Filters or Text Filters in the list. A menu appears that allows you to filter on various conditions. – Choose a condition and then select or enter criteria. Click the And button to combine criteria (that is, two or more criteria that must both be met), and the Or – Click OK to apply the filter and get the results you expect.