How do I factory reset my Dell Inspiron 1545 without password?

How do I factory reset my Dell Inspiron 1545 without password?

Turn on the laptop. As soon as the Dell logo appears on the screen, repeatedly press the F8 key until you see the “Advanced Boot Options” menu. Select “Repair your computer” and press Enter. The System Recovery Options screen opens.

How do I restore my Dell Inspiron to factory settings without a disc?

Restore Without a Disk To get started, you’ll type Reset into the Windows search box at the desktop, then select Reset This PC (System Setting). Under Advanced Startup, you’ll select Restart Now. You’ll be prompted to choose an option, at which point you should select Troubleshoot, then Factory Image Restore.

How do I factory reset my Dell laptop using command prompt?

When Command Prompt appears, type rstrui.exe and press Enter. 5. The System Restore wizard will open immediately. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the System Restore.

How do I bypass Dell security manager password?

Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable from the computer. Locate the password reset jumper (PSWD) on the system board. Remove the jumper plug from the password jumper-pins. Power on without the jumper plug to clear the password.

How do I bypass password on Dell Inspiron?

Here are the steps to using the Password Reset Disk:

  1. Boot your Dell laptop.
  2. Click Reset password, then insert your resetting disk.
  3. Once the reset window opens, click Next to start the operation.
  4. Choose your reset disk from the dropdown menu and click Next.
  5. Enter your new password.

How do you restore Dell Inspiron to factory settings?

How Do I Restore My Dell Inspiron To Factory Settings? You can reset your computer by clicking the Start button (the Windows 10 icon). Go to the System Settings and select Reset this PC. Restart your computer now under the Advanced Startup section. You can select Troubleshoot from the Choose an option screen.

How do I restore my Dell PC to factory?

Click on the Start button to bring up the Start menu.

  • Scroll down to select Update&Security.
  • Shift to the Recovery option in the left panel.
  • Locate the Reset this PC section in the right panel.
  • Click on the Get started button under it.
  • Select Remove everything if you don’t need anything on the Dell laptop.
  • How to reformat a Dell laptop Inspiron 1545?

    Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo appears,press several times to access the Vista Advanced Boot Options Window.

  • Select Repair Your Computer.
  • The System Recovery Options window appears.
  • Select a keyboard layout and click Next.
  • To access the recovery options,log on as a local user.
  • Click Dell Factory Image Restore.
  • Click Next.
  • How to perform a factory reset on Dell Computer?

    Restart or power on Dell computer. When Dell logo appears,hold down F2 to trigger BIOS setup.

  • When you go into BIOS setup,use “→” arrow key to select “ Boot ” tap.
  • Switch to “ Advanced ” tap.
  • Press F10 to save settings and restart the PC.