How do I enable FortiClient Web Filter?

How do I enable FortiClient Web Filter?

Go to Security Profiles > FortiClient Profiles. Select the FortiClient Profile then select Edit. The Edit FortiClient Profile page is displayed. Enable Web Filter, then select the Web Filter profile from the drop-down list.

How do I allow UTM FortiGate to block?

This article provides an example of how to create a URL filter rule to “Allow” or “Exempt” a particular URL from a “Blocked” Category in FortiGuard Webfiltering. FortiOS 4.0MR2 and above. Go to UTM Profiles > Web Filter > URL Filter. Select Create New, or select an already available list.

How do I whitelist a website in FortiGate?

Follow the steps below to whitelist in FortiGate:

  1. We will send you the test domains you will whitelist in the preview email.
  2. Go to Security Profiles > Web Filter.
  3. Expand Static URL Filter, enable URL Filter, and select Create.
  4. Enter the URL, without the “http”, for example:
  5. Select Type: Simple.

How do I turn off FortiGate Web Filter?


  1. Go to System > FortiGuard.
  2. Scroll down to the Filtering section.
  3. Configure the settings as needed: Web Filter Cache. Enable/disable web filter cache, and set the amount of time that the FortiGate will store a blocked IP address or URL locally.
  4. Click Apply.

How do I block a website in FortiGate firewall?

Create URL filter

  1. Go to Security Profiles > Web Filter and go to the Static URL Filter section.
  2. Enable URL Filter.
  3. For example, enter * and select Wildcard and Block; and select OK.

How do I block VPN apps on FortiGate?

How Do I Block Vpn Traffic On Fortigate? By setting the category “Proxy” along with the signatures “PPTP”, “L2TP” and “ISAKMP” you will be able to block the VPNs.

How do I block YouTube FortiGate?

1) Go to Security Profiles -> Web Filter and go to the ‘Proxy Options’ section. 2) Enable ‘Restrict YouTube access to specific channels’. 3) Select ‘Create New’ and specify the Channel ID. 4) Select ‘OK’ and the option shows the Channel ID and its link.

How do I block YouTube Fortigate?

How do I block all websites except one Fortigate?

1) Go to Security Profile > Web filter. 2) Select the web-filtering profile that is to be applied on the security policy that is used for web traffic. This configuration will block everything except any URL’s which contain

How do I turn off FortiGate?

Hello Guys,Using the Control PanelStep 1Click on the start menu and go to the control panel. Step 2Click “Programs and Features” to launch the programs and features window. Step 3Scroll down the window, click “Fortinet Antivirus,” and then click the uninstall button.

How to configure site to site VPN?

Select the Settings > Networks and click Add Networks.

  • Name the Network.
  • Select the Site to Site VPN and choose OpenVPN for the protocol.
  • Choose a secret key that is 512 alphanumeric characters.
  • Set a unique IP address for the tunnel.
  • Select the all the desired subnets to be routed across the VPN.
  • Input the IP or hostname of the remote router.
  • How to setup FortiGate VPN?

    Go to Policy&Objects > Firewall Policy and click Create New.

  • Set the policy name,in this example,sslvpn-radius.
  • Set Incoming Interface to SSL-VPN tunnel interface (ssl.root).
  • Set Outgoing Interface to the local network interface so that the remote user can access the internal network.
  • Set the Source > Address to all and Source > User to rad-group.
  • How to create a site to site IPSec VPN?

    Create a customer gateway

  • Create a target gateway
  • Configure routing
  • Update your security group
  • Create a Site-to-Site VPN connection
  • Download the configuration file
  • Configure the customer gateway device
  • How to setup site to site VPN using ASDM?

    – Navigate to Configuration -> Site-to-Site-VPN -> Advanced -> IPSEC Proposals (Transformation Sets) – Add a internet proposal within the Dwight D. Eisenhower v2 section – Name: AZURE-PROPOSAL (Or no matter matches your naming convention) – Encryption: aes-256 – Integrity Hash: sha-256 – Click OK – Click Apply