How do I deserialize an XML file to an object in C#?

How do I deserialize an XML file to an object in C#?

Simple approach how to deserialize XML to C# object without attributes.

  1. Prepare XML string.?
  2. Prepare C# object.?
  3. Create XML serializer. First argument is type of object you want to get and in second argument you specify root attribute of your XML source.
  4. Create StringReader object.?
  5. Finally, deserialize to your C# object.

What is deserialize XML?

Serialization is a process by which an object’s state is transformed in some serial data format, such as XML or binary format. Deserialization, on the other hand, is used to convert the byte of data, such as XML or binary data, to object type. On the other end, deserialization reconstructs the object from the stream.

How to serialize using XmlSerializer?

Created a .NET Core app.

  • Added a reference to the Microsoft.XmlSerializer.Generator package.
  • Edited your MyApp.csproj to add dependencies.
  • Added a class and an XmlSerializer.
  • Built and ran the application.
  • How to deserialize XML document in C#?

    Use XmlSerializer to read and parse an XML file in C#. It can get the data from a loaded XML into an instance of the class.

  • Use Linq to XML to retrieve XML collections of elements and attributes. It’s an up-to-date,redesigned approach to programming with XML.
  • Use XmlDocument to serialize XML document.
  • How to use XmlSerializer in C#?

    – Creates SOAP messages – Use if the serialization and deserialization platforms are not .NET – Use if the message is sent through a firewall – Easy debugging

    How to deserialize XML to object?

    When you deserialize an object, the transport format determines whether you will create a stream or file object. After the transport format is determined, you can call the Serialize or Deserialize methods, as required. Construct a XmlSerializer using the type of the object to deserialize.