How do I contact NJ Department of Education?

How do I contact NJ Department of Education?

Customer Service is available to the public during the hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (except major holidays). The Customer Service telephone number is (609) 292-2070.

How can I view my NJ teaching certificate?

Start with the Certification home page: Click on the link: “How Do I Check Application Status?” Page 4 New Jersey D EPARTMEN T OF ED UCATION Enter the Applicant’s Last Name and SSN and click on Search. You will see the current application and certificates issued recently.

Do NJ teaching certificates expire?

When you receive your Standard Certificate, it is considered to be permanent and does not have to be renewed. You must, however, continue to meet expected professional standards.

How do I get a copy of my teaching certificate in NJ?

Visit to request a duplicate if you have a license (certificate) but cannot locate it. Print out and complete the request form.

Do you have to live in NJ to teach in NJ?

Chris Christie signed the New Jersey First Act in 2011. It says all public employees in the state must live within New Jersey’s borders unless they are granted a waiver for financial, health, or other reasons.

How many Board of Education are there in NJ?

New Jersey’s 21 county school boards associations offer training, information and forums to explore the issues facing public school districts.

How much do teacher mentors get paid in NJ?

Mentors receive a $550.00 stipend (CEAS candidate) or a $1,000.00 stipend (CE Candidate) for their mentoring services, depending on whether your mentee holds a CE (Certificate of Eligibility) or a CEAS (Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing). (This stipend is taxed when paid out to you.) 4.

How do I renew my substitute teaching certificate in NJ?

NJ Substitute Teacher Certification Information You are able to renew your substitute teacher certification anytime within 6 months prior to the expiration date indicated on your certification. The Department of Education will not accept any paperwork before this date.

Can I live in NY and teach in NJ?