How do I contact INTERPOL?

How do I contact INTERPOL?

U.S. National Central Bureau – Interpol

  1. Website: U.S. National Central Bureau – Interpol.
  2. Contact: Contact the U.S. National Central Bureau – Interpol-Washington.
  3. Phone Number: 1-202-616-9000.

How do I make a complaint to INTERPOL?

  1. Email: [email protected].
  2. Helpline: 111-345-786.
  3. Address: FIA Headquarters, Muhammad Tufail Niazi Rd, G 9/4, Islamabad, PK.

How do I contact foreign police?

By phone

  1. Emergency 999. Call 999 if:
  2. Non-emergency 101. Call 101 for non-emergency enquiries.
  3. Anti-terrorist hotline 0800 789 321.
  4. Calling from abroad +44 20 7230 1212.
  5. By phone 0800 555 111.
  6. @metpoliceuk.

Does INTERPOL have a phone number?

In urgent circumstances, INTERPOL Washington will accept an initial request via telephone at (202) 616-3900, but will not transmit information internationally until a written request is received.

What is the email address of INTERPOL?

1. For more information on this call and on the areas of interest to the Organization, please send an email at the following address [email protected]. (Paris time).

How do I contact Interpol?

INTERPOL General Secretariat 200, quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon France Fax: +33 4 72 44 71 63 INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation 18 Napier Road 285510 Singapore

How can Interpol help children?

Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and can be victims of various forms of violence. An INTERPOL Incident Response Team can be briefed, equipped and deployed anywhere in the world within 12 to 24 hours. We manage 19 police databases with information on crimes and criminals, accessible in real-time to countries.

How many staff does Interpol have?

The General Secretariat employs around 1,000 staff members from 100 different countries. Approximately one-third are police officers deployed by their governments while two-thirds are international civil servants recruited by the Organization. INTERPOL is a member of the United Nations.

What does Interpol do to combat human trafficking?

At INTERPOL, we work to address those crimes that have an international dimension. To help trace missing children, we issue Yellow Notices, while our human trafficking experts work alongside member countries to rescue child victims of trafficking and forced labour.