How do I become IAPP certified?

How do I become IAPP certified?

The IAPP offers computer-based certification exams at over 6,000 testing centers worldwide. Simply log in to the IAPP website, purchase your exam and then schedule it at the test center most convenient for you. You’ll get an email with step-by-step instructions telling you how.

How much does IAPP certification cost?

CPACC IAAP Member Exam: $385. CPACC Non-Member Exam: $485.

Is IAPP accredited?

The Value of Accreditation The IAPP’s CIPM, CIPP/E, CIPP/US and CIPT credentials are accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 17024: 2012.

How long does it take to get IAPP certification?

According to the IAPP, 30 hours of study time should be sufficient, but most people say they need over 60 hours to prepare adequately. Many questions are asked in the exams that you can literally extract from the book.

How long does IAPP certification last?

two years
* Certificants must pay a certification maintenance fee (CMF) of $250 that will cover the certification two-year term. This fee is required every two years upon recertification. You must pay this fee when you pass your exam to become officially certified.

WHO issues IAPP Certificate?

(3) An IAPP Certificate shall be issued or endorsed as appropriate by a recognised organisation, or a person authorised by the Minister on receipt of a declaration of survey carried out by a surveyor of ships.

What does IAPP stand for?

International Association of Privacy Professionals

Abbreviation IAPP
Endowment $26,977,019
Employees (2018) 178
Volunteers (2018) 1,000

Is the IAPP exam hard?

The exam is difficult even after you’ve dedicated the time and energy to the aforementioned study tips. The difficulty, however, stems less from your understanding of the material and more from the structure of the test itself.

Is IAPP membership annual?

You must pay this fee when you pass your exam to become officially certified. ** Members, your certification maintenance fee is already included in your IAPP membership benefits, which renews annually. See a list of additional benefits you have access to here.

What is the duration of validity of the IAPP Certificate?

5 years
(1) An IAPP Certificate shall be issued for a period specified by a qualified person, which shall not exceed 5 years.