How do I become a firefighter in Broward County?

How do I become a firefighter in Broward County?


  1. Minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) from an accredited institution.
  3. Live in the tri-county area (Broward, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach County)
  4. Current State of Florida Firefighter Certificate.
  5. Current Healthcare Provider (BLS) certification.

How many Fire Stations are in Broward County?

Broward County, FL has 114 Fire Departments and Fire Stations.

What type of fire extinguisher is used by BSO?

Carbon dioxide extinguishers contain pressurized liquid carbon dioxide, which turns to a gas when expelled. These models are rated for use on Class B and C fires, but never hesitate to use carbon dioxide extinguishers on a Class A fire.

How many Fire Stations does Fort Lauderdale have?

12 stations
The City operates 12 stations throughout Fort Lauderdale, including one in Wilton Manors. Many of the 411 sworn firefighters in the department are trained to provide emergency medical services and are part of specialized teams, such as Technical Rescue, Hazardous Materials, and Dive Rescue.

How much is Broward Fire Academy?

The course registration fee is $2902 (day class) and $2902 (night class) for Florida residents. Course registration fees are slightly higher for out-of-state students.

How long is firefighter school in Florida?

How long does it take to become a firefighter in Florida? Certified firefighters in Florida must pass a minimum standards course, which comprises about 418 contact hours in a classroom.

Who is the Broward County Medical Examiner?

Dr. Rebecca MacDougall
Dr. Rebecca MacDougall took over as Broward County’s Chief Medical Examiner in July 2021. Born in Canada and raised in Texas, Dr. MacDougall received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Texas and earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

How many fire stations are in Pembroke Pines?

six fire stations
The City of Pembroke Pines operates six fire stations, strategically located throughout the City.

How many fire stations are in Orlando?

Orlando Fire Department

Operational area
IAFF 1365
Facilities and equipment
Stations 17

How long is the Broward Fire Academy?

approximately 396 hours
The Broward Fire Academy prepares students to become certified firefighters. This program is approximately 396 hours and combines class work with field activities.

What is the age limit to be a firefighter in Florida?

General Requirements Aspiring firefighters must be at least 18 years old, must possess a valid State of Florida driver’s license, current CPR/ACLS certification, and able to pass a physical examination designed to test their suitability for working in this physically demanding fields.

What does the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue do?

The mission of the Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and preserve property through the cooperative delivery of comprehensive, high-quality fire and rescue services to the residents and visitors of Broward County. In support of this mission, we are committed to the following primary goals:

How many fire departments are in Broward County FL?

Broward County, FL has 114 Fire Departments and Fire Stations. Select a Station to See Contact Info, Photos, Fire Chief, Firefighters, Apparatus, Volunteer Recruitment info and More.

Who is the fire chief’s Association of Broward County?

The Official Site of the Fire Chief’s Association of Broward County, Florida The Fire Chief’s Association of Broward County is made up of Chief Fire Officers from the 29 municipalities, Broward County, and representatives of Broward’s Trauma Agency, the American Red Cross, Division of Forestry, and Broward County Emergency Management.

How many employees does the Broward County Sheriff’s office have?

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is a public safety department responsible for law enforcement and fire protection in Broward County, Florida. For this, it consists of several departments: The sheriff’s office is made up of 5,800 employees, including approximately 2,800 police officers and approximately 600 firefighters.