How did the Committee of Public Safety cause the French Revolution?

How did the Committee of Public Safety cause the French Revolution?

It was charged with protecting the new republic against its foreign and domestic enemies, fighting the First Coalition and the Vendée revolt. As the committee raised the defense against the monarchist coalition of European nations and counter-revolutionary forces within France, it became more and more powerful.

Did the Committee of Public Safety protect French citizens?

The committee of public safety had many goals but the main goal was to protect the revolution from its enemies. even innocent people were executed which made completely impossible to be alive and against the revolution in france. the committee of public safety were effectively protecting the revolution.

What was the CPS French Revolution?

To create a strong, fast-reacting executive, the Convention elected two Committees, of Public Safety (CPS) and of General Security (CGS). The former was to supervise the war effort, foreign policy, the armies and the government ministries, while the latter was to control internal security and policing.

What did the Committee of Public Safety do to try to protect France against domestic or internal threats?

The Committee of Public Safety was created by the National Convention in 1793 with the intent to defend the nation against foreign and domestic enemies, as well as to oversee the new functions of the executive government. Members were elected and served for a period of one month.

What powers did the Committee of Public Safety have?

As a wartime measure, the Committee was given broad supervisory powers over military, judicial, and legislative efforts. It was formed as an administrative body to supervise and expedite the work of the executive bodies of the Convention and the government ministers appointed by the Convention.

What was the name of the 12 member committee French Revolution?

Great Committee
The membership of the Committee changed little over the next year; the Convention re-endorsed its members every month and in September voted to increase the CPS to 12 members. Collectively, this group became known as the ‘Great Committee’ or the ‘Twelve Who Ruled’.