How Carrot2 works?

How Carrot2 works?

Carrot² is an open source search results clustering engine. It can automatically cluster small collections of documents, e.g. search results or document abstracts, into thematic categories. Carrot² is written in Java and distributed under the BSD license.

Is Carrot 2 general metasearch or specific?

Carrot2 draws results from multiple search engines, and clusters results by topic. A “metasearch engine” that searches Google, Yahoo!, and Bing simultaneously.

What is lingo algorithm?

The Lingo algorithm employs term-document matrix dimensionality reduction techniques to figure out the structure of topics present in the input. The algorithm is reasonably fast and nicely separates diverse topics into separate groups. This will typically be the default algorithm you may want to use.

What is Lingo4G?

Lingo4G is a software component you can use to implement interactive exploration of millions of documents spanning gigabytes of text. Lingo4G Explorer, pictured in the screen shot, shows what you can build with Lingo4G REST API. Phases specific to the selected map region are highlighted in the text of the abstract.

Is Google a general search engine?

Google Search (also known simply as Google), is a search engine provided by Google. Handling more than 3.5 billion searches per day, it has a 92% share of the global search engine market….Google Search.

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Type of site Web search engine
Available in 149 languages
Owner Google
Revenue Google Ads

What is the world’s largest search engine?

Google is the most frequently used search engine worldwide. But in some countries, its’ alternatives are leading or competing with it to some extent. As of the third quarter of 2021, more than 59 percent of internet users in Russia used Yandex, whereas Google users were nearly 40 percent.

What search engine is not politically biased?

MetaGer MetaGer is a metasearch engine that queries up to 50 external search engines, giving variety and depth to its results. It does not take clickthrough rate into account when it processes a query, so results are unfiltered and unbiased.