How can I style my hair without gel?

How can I style my hair without gel?

Wash your hair and blow-dry it fully with a hair dryer.

  1. If you prefer a lighter hold on your hair, stop blow-drying when your hair is still damp but not dripping.
  2. If you typically use a pre-styling product like hair tonic, leave-in conditioner, or heat protectant spray, massage that into your hair before blow-drying.

How do I make my hair look pretty?

How to Have a Perfect Hair Day, Every Day of the Week

  1. Use a Hydrating Shampoo Twice a Week (But Not a Combined Shampoo-Conditioner)
  2. Use a Standalone Conditioner Daily.
  3. Consider Hair Oil (as a Styler or Treatment)
  4. Buy a Blow Dryer.
  5. Pick the Right Product for Your Hair (and Desired Style)

What are the best medium hair styles?

Beach Wavy Bob Hairstyles. Regardless if summertime is over,this bob hairstyle still remains stylish.

  • Medium Length Wavy Bob Hairstyle.
  • Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces.
  • Wavy Bob Hairstyle.
  • Blonde Wavy Bob Styles.
  • Gorgeous Choppy Bob Hairstyles.
  • Messy Wavy Bob Hairstyles.
  • Trendy Bob Hairstyles.
  • What are some cute hairstyles for medium length hair?

    Pixie haircuts

  • Original angular bobs
  • The center parting
  • Side swept bangs
  • Choppy,graduated layers
  • Clean lines
  • How to style medium hairstyles?

    Undercut. In barbershops around the world,the undercut remains one of the most popular haircuts for men.

  • Low Fade. The low fade is a classy business haircut guys can styles well with any look.
  • Mid Fade. For a handsome look that is equal parts classy and edgy,men can always pair their mid-length hair with a mid fade haircut.
  • High Fade.
  • Drop Fade.
  • How to updo medium hair?

    Make a deep side partition using a rat tail comb.

  • Take sections of hair and mildly curl them using the round brush and blow dryer.
  • Tease the hair at the crown for extra volume.
  • Smoothen the surface of the crown and gather all your hair over to the larger side of the partition.
  • Take sections of hair and twist them upward to form small rosettes of buns.