How can I send message in Facebook in PHP?

How can I send message in Facebook in PHP?

We start the PHP document defining the page access token and the page id that we’ve get in the 1st step:

  1. $data[‘picture’] = “”; $data[‘link’] = “”; $data[‘message’] = “Your message”; $data[‘caption’] = “Caption”; $data[‘description’] = “Description”;

How do I post content to my Facebook page?

11 Ways to Generate Fresh Content Ideas for Your Facebook Page

  1. Read other Blogs. No matter what niche your in, there’s always someone else out there writing about your topic.
  2. Answer a Frequently Asked Question.
  3. Record a Video.
  4. Interview Experts.
  5. Start a Podcast.
  6. Ask Questions.
  7. Share a Post from Leaders.
  8. Say Thank You!

How does Facebook use PHP?

Facebook technology stack consist of application written in many language, including PHP and many others. Facebook still using PHP but it has built a compiler for it so it can be turned into native code on. Facebook doesn’t use PHP for its core system, at Facebook, they uses C++ heavily on back end system.

Does Facebook Messenger have API?

The Send API is the main API used to send messages to users, including text, attachments, structured message templates, sender actions, and more.

How do you do a professional post on Facebook?

Here’s a 7-step winning formula for an enticing Facebook post to make this easy for you!

  1. Find a proven idea that fits your brand & Facebook page style.
  2. Design a graphic.
  3. Craft a power headline.
  4. Summarize your post.
  5. End with a question or call to action.
  6. Hashtag it!
  7. Schedule.

Why should I use Facebook API?

Facebook APIs are the primary way to connect with the massive Facebook platform programmatically. Third-party developers create cool Facebook apps, games, steam live programmatically, run automated marketing campaigns, manage their business pages all with the help of the Facebook APIs.

How to post on Facebook without Facebook API console?

If you don’t want to go Facebook API console, rather do API calls, there are some instructions. First of all, you have to have Facebook user, being admin on the page you want to post, also you have to create Facebook App in order to proceed. Do login request, to get user token:

How to post a post from a Facebook page?

You have to get an access token for your page and then use that token when posting. This is assuming that you want your post to appear “from the page”. IE – posting as if you were the page. the actual call to the graph api to create a post object, and how to do it, can be found at this urlfrom the facebook documentation. Share

How do I connect to Facebook Graph API?

Facebook API Configuration (fbConfig.php) The fbConfig.php file is used to configure Facebook SDK and connect to Facebook Graph API. Specify your Facebook App ID ($appId), App Secret ($appSecret), Callback URL ($redirectURL), and Permissions ($fbPermissions) to connect with Facebook API and working with SDK.

How to use API method in Facebook SDK?

If you want use API method in Facebook SDK, DEPRECATED REST API or FQL Query… Use your account or users to login to your Facebook page with offline_access permissions and grab access_token while login success using $facebook->getAccessToken (), and save it in database so you can use it anytime.