How can I make my Onan generator quieter?

How can I make my Onan generator quieter?

  1. Purchase a Generator That Fits Your Needs.
  2. Face The Exhaust Pipes Up or Away From You.
  3. Move Your Generator Further Away.
  4. Place The Generator On a Soft Surface.
  5. Use Sound Deflectors To Quiet Your Generator.
  6. Build An Acoustic Enclosure or Baffle Box.
  7. Replace Your Generator’s Muffler.
  8. Use Water As Your Generator Muffler.

Who started Onan generators?

David W. Onan
Minnesota native David W. Onan founded Onan Corporation. David was never fond of school and dropped out to support his family when his father passed away when he was 14. His first job was helping build a power plant for the Niagara Falls power and light company.

Who makes engines for Onan generators?

Cummins Power Generation
Today Onan branded products are built by Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. and a world leader in the design and manufacture of power generation products and services. Onan branded products are used in recreational vehicle, marine, commercial mobile, and residential standby applications.

Where is the Onan generator made?

Onan generators are not made in China and get produced in Elkhart, Indiana, in the heart of the American midwest. The company is named after its founder, D.W. Onan, founded in 1920.

Does Onan still Generator?

With immediate effect, the branding will be consolidated under the Cummins brand. The Cummins Power Generation and Cummins Onan brands will be retired and the Onan name synonymous with mobile gensets, will be repositioned as a generator product line under the newly unified Cummins brand in the RV market.

Can you put a muffler on a RV generator?

Adding a muffler onto your generator will take some time and skill. But the result can be impressive. On average, adding a muffler to your generator can reduce the noise output by 10-15 decibels. But you can add on any car muffler to your RV generator.