How can I check my NABTEB Nov Dec result?

How can I check my NABTEB Nov Dec result?

Steps to Check NABTEB Nov/Dec Results Online

  1. Go to NABTEB result checking portal @
  2. Enter your Candidate Identification Number e.g. 38001178.
  3. Select the Type of Examination i.e. NOV/DEC.
  4. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year i.e. 2020.

How can I check my NABTEB result 2012?

  1. Send SMS in the format below:
  2. NABTEB*ExamNo*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear To short-code 32327.
  3. For example: To check for May/June results, NABTEB*01001001*123456789012*MJ*2012.
  4. To check for Nov/Dec results, NABTEB*01001001*123456789012*ND*2012.
  5. Note: Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above.

How do I check my NABTEB result on my phone?

How To Check Results By SMS

  1. On your mobile phone, navigate to the message menu and select create message.
  2. In the create message, type these details in the following order, NABTEB*ExamNumber*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear and then forward it to 32327.

Is NABTEB result Nov Dec 2021 out?

Nabteb Result Checker 2021 Nov/Dec 2021 and May/June 2021: The nabteb 2021 Nov/Dec Certificate Examinations Results will be available February 2021. On the other hand, nabteb May/June 2021 result will be out in August 2021 in

Is Nov Dec 2020 NABTEB result out?

NABTEB Nov/Dec Exam Results: National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has released the 2020 November/December examinations results. Candidates that participated in the 2020 NABTEB GCE can now check their results online.

Is NABTEB result for Nov Dec 2020 out?

How do I get an e PIN online?

Visit or download the Remita mobile app.

  1. Select the “Buy WAEC PIN” icon or simply click HERE.
  2. Fill all required fields (your name, phone number, email address, etc.) and submit.
  3. Select your preferred payment channel to complete the transaction.
  4. Voila!

How can I check my NABTEB result Online 2021?


  1. Enter your Candidatate’s Identification Number e.g. 38001178.
  2. Select the Type of Examination.
  3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2021.
  4. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.

What does P8 means in NABTEB result?

What is P7 or P8 in NABTEB result? Just like D7 and D8 in WAEC and NECO, P7 and P8 are the equivalences. If you’re filling an admission form that doesn’t show P7 and P8 options, you should take D7 and D8 respectively instead.

Is NABTEB 2021 2022 results out?

Is NABTEB Result 2022 Out? According to a statement released by the Registrar of the National Business and Technical Boar Professor (Mrs) Ifeoma Mercy Isiugo-Abanihe, the 2020 May/June, NBC/NTC and ANBC/ANTC examinations results shall be announced soon and the results made public.

Is NABTEB a level result out?

The NABTEB A’LEVEL is conducted once a year in Nov/Dec. The result is released after 90 days to meet admission requirements at various Universities.