How big was Long Binh Post?

How big was Long Binh Post?

Long Binh Post

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What is the significance of the Long Binh Jail rebellion?

Long Binh Jail was what the troops during the Vietnam War called the U.S. Army Installation Stockade in Long Binh, South Vietnam. This overcrowded military prison was one of the most feared locations in all of Vietnam, the place where Army rule-breakers and dangerous criminals from throughout Vietnam were sent.

Who was the longest serving soldier in Vietnam?

He earned 38 military decorations during his career, and has been called the most decorated U.S. soldier of the Vietnam War….

Jorge Otero Barreto
Years of service 1959–1970
Rank Sergeant First Class
Unit 101st Airborne 25th Infantry 82nd Airborne 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
Battles/wars Vietnam War ( WIA )

Did criminals serve in Vietnam?

Despite representing 11% of the troops in Vietnam, more than 50% of the men incarcerated at the stockade were black. Many black soldiers felt they were more severely punished than white soldiers for similar offenses. Conditions at LBJ were notoriously harsh.

What percentage of blacks fought Vietnam?

By the following year, Black soldiers made up 16.3% of those drafted and 23% of Vietnam combat troops, despite accounting for only roughly 11% of the civilian population. These new draftees often had little understanding of the war’s purpose and were increasingly disenchanted by their role in it.

What was the Long Binh Jail?

Over the course of the Vietnam War, the US Army stockade at Long Binh or Long Binh Jail, nicknamed LBJ and the Marine Brig in Da Nang incarcerated thousands of US military personnel.

Where is Long Binh Post?

The following guest post is by Ryan Moore, a cartographic specialist in the Geography and Map Division. During the Vietnam War, Long Binh Post was the U.S. Army’s largest base located in the former South Vietnam. It was situated between Bien Hoa, the location of a large American airbase, and Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam.

What was Long Binh junction in Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Army used the base as a logistics and command center. By some veterans’ accounts, it had the unofficial name “Long Binh Junction.” In 1968, the base fell under attack during the Tet Offensive, and the Viet Cong assault force was repelled by American troops.

What happened to the US troops in Long Binh?

We all pulled guard every other day at he perimeter, pol yard, and the ammo dump, because most were leaving, because of the deescalation of the war. We departed Long Binh, September 1972 for MACV Annex in Saigon. Long Binh became vacant of U.S. troops in November 1972. I departed Saigon, Vietnam in November 13, 1972.