How big should a backpacking tarp be?

How big should a backpacking tarp be?

For lone hikers, opinions and preferences vary in regards to dimensions. Personally speaking, for rectangular tarps I like 6′ x 9′ or 7′ X 9′. For square tarps, I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller than 8.5′ x 8.5′ (Note: I’m 6’1”) or any larger than 9′ x 9′.

Should you bring a tarp backpacking?

You should carry a tarp when backpacking if you expect wet or windy weather. Tarps can offer much needed protection from the elements, and even help reduce tent condensation too. However, they can add some extra weight, so you might not need one if you’re sure the weather will be fair on your trip.

What is a poncho tarp?

What is a Poncho Tarp? A Poncho Tarp is a lightweight, minimalist piece of backpacking equipment which, as the name suggests, doubles as both rain gear and shelter. As a bonus, it also makes for an excellent pack cover.

Are ponchos good for camping?

Lightweight polyester material (though the poncho itself is not that light!), the poncho is very compact when folded and packs down small. Versatile: works great for any outdoor activity as well as a lightweight and compact emergency shelter.

What is a good size for a tarp?

Commonly available tent tarp sizes

No. of people Minimum tarp size (ft) Recommended Tarp size (ft)
2-3 person 6×8 7×9
3-4 person 7×9 8×10
5-6 person 8×10 9×12
6-8 person 9×12, 10×12 10×14

What size tarp do I need?

You just need something at least as wide as your shoulders, and a little taller than you. So, if you’re 6 feet tall, then a tarp 7 feet or longer will work. As for width, the average adult male has a shoulder width of under 2 feet, so something 3 feet wide or larger for any person should fit well.

Are ponchos good for hiking?

This makes ponchos a better choice for hiking in hot and wet climates like the tropics. You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable. Ponchos are more durable- Ponchos are very simple. They don’t have zippers or snaps that can wear out or break like rain jackets.

What is the best poncho for hiking?

Rain Poncho Comparison Table

Best Rain Ponchos MSRP Weight
Six Moons Design Gatewood Cape $135 10 oz
Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho $175 5.1 oz
Sea to Summit Tarp Poncho $59.95 14 oz
Frogg Toggs Poncho $14.99 9 oz