How big is a 630 Moco?

How big is a 630 Moco?


Overall width Transport 3.5 m 11.5 ft
Overall length Conventional transport With equal angle tongue: 6.2 m 20.5 ft
Weight With urethane roll conditioner 2,273 kg 5,012 lbWith impeller conditioner 2,130 kg 4,696 lb
Standard tires 11L-15 standard 31×13.5L 15 optional

How wide is a John Deere 635 Moco?

Windrow formation

625 78.7 cm to 149.9 cm (31 in. to 59 in.)
630 88.9 cm to 198.1 cm (35 in. to 78 in.)
635 99 cm to 238.8 cm (39 in. to 94 in.)

How wide is a John Deere 956 Moco?


Overall width Transport 4.5 m 14.7 ft With optional trailer 2.9 m 9.7 ft
Overall length Conventional transport 8.2 m 26.9 ft With optional trailer 9.4 m 30.8 ft

What is a John Deere MoCo used for?

For extra-wide cutting in your largest fields, get the versatile performance of a 900 Series MoCo. The 946 Mower-Conditioners offer a wide cutting width without sacrificing in-field maneuverability or performance. With a cutting width of 13 feet on the 946, MoCo’s will make short work of your largest fields.

How much horsepower does it take to run a mower conditioner?

A new 9 ft cut disc mower/conditioner with rubber rolls from NH calls for 65 HP. But if you move up to the 10 foot cut NH, minimum HP is 80. Keep in mind that these ratings are for ideal conditions (flat land, uniform crop, etc.) and running at pretty high ground speeds.

How much does a John Deere 630 weigh?

John Deere 630

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 90 inches 228 cm
Weight: 5,858 lbs 2657 kg
Front tire: 6.00-16
Rear tire: 12.4-38

What is the difference between a mower and a mower conditioner?

Much like a disc mower, a mower conditioner includes small discs that rotate fast enough to cut through grass. What separates this mower apart is the MoCo’s rollers that are able to help condition the fodder. This non-conditioner mower uses small discs that rotate at incredibly high speeds to cut through grass.

How many horsepower tractor do you need to run a Haybine?

being sensible here– you need at least 50 hp + a tractor with good brakes to do the job safely. I run a 488 with a series 4 D17 Ac diesel loaded rear tires and still get pushed around some on the steep hills.