How big do dragon scale bettas get?

How big do dragon scale bettas get?

Dragon scale bettas grow just as big as other Betta splendens breeds and can reach a mature size of about 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm).

How much is a crown tail betta?

With a lifespan of 2-3 years, a Crowntail Betta has a typical lifespan for a smaller tropical freshwater fish. In terms of cost, expect to pay between $5-$30 for your Crowntail depending upon its size, sex, color vibrancy and dealer reputation.

How often should I feed my dragon scale Betta?

It will enjoy fresh meat such as live bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mosquito larvae. They can also be fed freeze-dried or frozen food. Take care not to overfeed your dragon scale betta. It should only be fed a small amount of food, twice a day.

What is a butterfly betta?

The butterfly betta is a much-sought-after freshwater tropical fish. The species is also sometimes called the Siamese fighting fish because the male betta is known to be highly aggressive and will frequently get into fights with other males of the same species.

What is a mustard gas Betta?

What is a mustard gas betta? The mustard gas betta is an absolutely stunning form of the betta fish. These fish are bi-colored or, in some cases, multi-colored bettas, having different colored fins and bodies. The fish’s body is typically dark in color, usually blue or green.

What makes a white dragon king crown Betta so beautiful?

Secondly, the beauty of white dragon king crown betta can be known from its crown. The crown is usually black with the combination of Y crown forms. The contrast color of crown makes the fish becomes so both beautiful and powerful. In addition, the crown is sometime called by tail because it has position in the back of fish body.

What kind of fish is a crown Betta?

White Dragon King Crown Betta, FishTankWeb.Com – Betta fish ¹ is a kind of various fishes categorized on decorative fish. Many people often take care of the fish in aquarium for making beauty concept in their house. Moreover, some people make a betta fish for fulfilling their hobbies.

What kind of betta fish gives the most profits?

A betta fish that gives many profits is white dragon king crown betta. Everybody has agreed that white dragon king crown betta is beautiful and unique betta fish. Firstly, the beauty views can be seen from the color. White is its color identity that gives nice appearance.

What does a white betta fish look like?

Not to be confused with albino bettas (see MUCH later in the list), white betta fish have an opaque white body (not pink). They are most coveted for the fact that their color makes the crinkles of their fins and scales shine more clearly in tanks, making them like little jewels in your display.