Does Zillow work outside US?

Does Zillow work outside US?

It’s a fact that the huge power of is only available to US and USA territories located property listings. Realtors with international listings cannot list international property on Zillow.

Does Zillow have competition?

Zillow’s competitors include Redfin,, Opendoor, HomeLight, UpNest, and many other companies.

Why are pictures of my house still on Zillow?

A majority of Zillow’s photos are provided by real estate agents through the MLS via a listing feed when a home is listed for sale. In these cases, updates must be requested by your agent to be made in the MLS. Once your home info is updated in the MLS, it will also update on Zillow.

Is Zillow available in UK?

Like Zillow in the U.S., attracts consumers by providing access to not only listings, but valuations, public property records and local market statistics.

Can you buy property in a foreign country?

Some countries allow foreigners to purchase homes, but will require the buyers to obtain special residence permits. Or, they may require that the foreign buyers register with a specific government agency before they are able to complete the homebuying process.

Who is Zillows biggest competitor?

The Top 10 Zillow Competitors and Alternatives

  1. Redfin. Redfin isn’t just a listing site — it’s a full-service real estate brokerage with its own realtors in markets across the country.
  3. HotPads.
  5. CoreLogix Matrix.
  6. Homesnap.
  7. NeighborhoodScout.
  8. HomeGain.

Who is Redfin’s biggest competitor?

Redfin’s top competitors include Zillow, HomeLight, RealScout, OpenDoor and PurpleBricks. Redfin is a company providing real estate search and brokerage services.

What databases does Zillow use?

Zillow uses MySQL Cluster — a special high availability version of MySQL — as the high transaction, low latency, Web-centric database to conduct critical data processing for, in real time.

How do you get pictures of your house off Zillow?

Once you’ve claimed ownership, you can start removing photos from Zillow:

  1. Log into your Zillow profile at
  2. On your home’s property page, select Edit photos from the More dropdown menu.
  3. Click on a photo, then click Remove Photo.
  4. Click Save Changes when you’re done.