Does Texas recognize PLLC?

Does Texas recognize PLLC?

Texas allows professionals to form both PLLCs and PCs, and both PLLCs and PCs provide liability protection for, respectively, their members or shareholders. Because the protection is essentially the same for both PLLCs and PCs, but PLLCs are simpler to create and operate, many professionals prefer the PLLC structure.

What is a PLLC in Texas?

A professional limited liability company (PLLC) is a type of business entity that can be formed by individuals or business partners who perform a professional service. Texas PLLCs differ from Texas LLCs in that PLLCs are formed specifically for individuals providing professional licensed services.

Does Texas require a corporate seal?

Texas law does not require a business to have a seal; therefore the secretary of state does not have information or regulations on how to design a seal or where to obtain one. Seals, stock certificates, and minute books can be purchased from book stores, office supply stores, or corporate service companies.

Can a NP own a PLLC in Texas?

Essentially, they can be shareholders without decision making authority (301.012 a-1). The law even widens the inclusive PLLC/PC ownership to include nearly every other licensed medical professional type: So, maybe a psychiatric mental health NP falls under this law.

Who can own a Texas PLLC?

Only licensed professionals who provide professional services may own and operate a Texas PLLC. However, this does not prohibit PLLCs from employing non-licensed individuals, such as nurses, clerks, secretaries, technicians, bookkeepers, or assistants, who may provide services in connection with the PLLC.

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What is a professional limited liability company in Texas?

A Texas “professional limited liability company” or PLLC is a type of Texas limited liability company that is created for the purpose of providing a professional service. A “professional service” is any type of service that requires a Texas license.

Should you set up a business as an LLC in Texas?

Learn the pros and cons of structuring a business as an LLC in Texas. As with any business structure, there are both advantages and disadvantages to setting up your business as a limited liability company, or LLC, in Texas. Whether a particular feature is an advantage or a disadvantage may depend upon the type of business structure being compared.

How to start a business in Texas?

There are seven basic steps to starting a business in Texas. 1. Write your business plan 2. Choose your business location 3. Finance your business 4. Decide on your business structure and register your business name 5.