Does scaphocephaly always require surgery?

Does scaphocephaly always require surgery?

It can cause significant deformity of the head shape over time because the skull bone at the fused suture cannot grow properly, while the brain is getting bigger underneath. The treatment for craniosynostosis is usually surgery.

How do you test for scaphocephaly?

Signs of Scaphocephaly Head Shape One of the most common signs of scaphocephaly is an elongated head shape, with the sides of the skull appearing narrow and the forehead prominent when looking down.

How common is scaphocephaly?

Scaphocephaly (also called sagittal synostosis) is the most common form of craniosynostosis, occurring in 50 to 60 percent of cases. It is characterized by a skull that is narrow from ear to ear. Scaphocephaly is also associated with increased pressure on the brain.

Is scaphocephaly a disability?

Familial scaphocephaly syndrome, McGillivray type is a rare newly described craniosynostosis (see this term) syndrome characterized by scaphocephaly, macrocephaly, severe maxillary retrusion, and mild intellectual disability.

Can scaphocephaly be corrected with helmet?

If your child is diagnosed with deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly or scaphocephaly and is less than 12 months old, cranial remolding may be prescribed to correct the shape of the baby’s head. Helmets must be prescribed by a licensed physician.

How does scaphocephaly happen?

Sagittal craniosynostosis, also called scaphocephaly or dolichocephaly, is the most common type of craniosynostosis, which occurs when bones in an infant’s head fuse together abnormally.

Can scaphocephaly cause headaches?

The general aspect of the skull is “boat-shaped” with narrow skull and cranial base and relatively normal facial development. Headache and vomiting are very uncommon clinical symptoms in small children.

Is my baby’s head shape normal?

No one tells you that your newborn’s head may be shaped a little funny when they first pop out. Or that a few weeks to months down the road, your baby’s noggin may be β€” well β€” a little flat in some places. Don’t worry. Baby’s head shape changes are completely normal.

What is Nonsynostotic Scaphocephaly?

Abstract. Object: Scaphocephaly is a common craniofacial abnormality that results from craniosynostosis of the sagittal suture. The authors have treated a group of infants who presented with nonsynostotic scaphocephaly, or a so-called sticky sagittal suture.