Does Persol 649 fold?

Does Persol 649 fold?

Apart from minor changes, it is basically the model 649 that can be folded. Persol sunglasses debuted in the US in 1962. By 1968, Steve McQueen famously wore them in the movie “Thomas Crown Affair”.

Which Persol did Steve McQueen wear?

Persol 714
For much of the film, McQueen wore a pair of Persol 714 folding sunglasses with light Havana frames and crystal blue lenses. The style was a personal favorite of McQueen, and he also donned them in Bullitt, The Getaway and Le Mans.

What sunglasses does James Bond wear in Casino Royale?

Persol sunglasses
In the movie Casino Royale, James Bond wears two pairs of Persol sunglasses. At the start of the plot, Bond wears a Persol metal frame: Persol 2244. In the second part of the story after experiencing a number of adventures, James changes to Persol style 2720 (turtle frame and green lenses, color code 24/31).

Who Persol 714?

Steve McQueen
It’s not an easy question to answer when it comes to Steve McQueen and his Persol 714s, the sunglasses with lenses as blue as the star’s own eyes. This is the tale of two legends, that have become inextricably linked. In 1968, Steve McQueen stepped onto a movie set for the first time, wearing a pair of Persol 714s.

What kind of sunglasses did Persol make 1988?

VS702: Vintage Persol P27 Ratti sunglasses c 1988 were one of the most unique styles Persol produced during these years at Persol’s famous Ratti manufacturing facility.

Where are Persol 714 sunglasses made?

Hand made in Italy, Persol 714 sunglasses fold in half via a horizontal hinge at the nose bridge and ear stems fold vertically via hinges halfway down each stem. Tell Me More

What are Persol 003 sunglasses?

The styling features a double nose bridge, Persol brown mineral glass lenses, desirable and hard to find side flaps that give added eye protection, and a brass strip that extends across the front of the frame and is impressed Persol. These Persol 003 sunglasses were made in the Ratti manufacturing center.

What are Perso rattil p27 sunglasses?

Perso Rattil P27 sunglasses are one of their sportiest designs, featuring thick yet tapering ear stems one of which is embellished with a Persol racing inspired metal logo and a gleaming Italian tortoise shell frame. Tell Me More