Does Gintoki like Tsukuyo?

Does Gintoki like Tsukuyo?

While there were many Gintama ships, Gintoki never got a romantic partner. The most notable were the masochistic Sarutobi Ayame and Tsukuyo, who gave up on womanhood. Both got very close to Gintoki but something always came up and their love was never fulfilled.

Does Tsukuyo and Gintoki end up together?

Gintoki does not end up with anyone in Gintama, as he does not have romance as his top priority. While he does like the weather girl, Ketsuno Ana, it is just a childish crush. He deeply cares for Otae and Tsukuyo; however, he has not been shown to reciprocate their love.

Who is Gintoki girlfriend?

Sakata Gintoki: Although Tsukuyo claimed she gave up her womanhood to protect Yoshiwara, she stated (Episode 177/Lesson 255) that her resolve to do so weakens when she is with Gintoki, with Jiraia hinting at her romantic feelings for him.

What episode does Gintoki get married?

Episode 204 | Gintama Wiki | Fandom.

What is Gintoki’s age?

Gintoki Sakata He is a fully grown adult at 27 years old, and his birthday is on the 10th of October. Gintoki is quite unique compared to the majority of Shonen protagonists, particularly being much older than characters like Luffy or Naruto, who are teenagers or even younger.

Who is Gintoki in Gintama?

Gintoki is an infamous samurai & founder of the Yorozuya. Despite his lazy nature, there’s much to know about the silver-haired samurai. Gintama is Hideaki Sorachi’s amazing manga, listed among the best selling series with over 50 million copies sold.

What happens to Gintoki at the end of the anime?

The aftermath, living on as one of the most poignant and somber moments of the series. Gintoki has his identity stolen by Kintoki, an android built by the world-famous Gengai, the comedy that ensues borders on genius.

What did Tsukuyo do to Gintoki?

In the Courtesan of A Nation arc, the moment Gintoki was shot by Isaburo, Tsukuyo killed several Naraku agents in her state of anger to rush to Gintoki’s aid. She also learned a little about Gintoki’s past and seemed to relate to him losing his master as she did.

What is Tsukuyo’s name in Gintama?

Tsukuyo’s name and peronality is based on Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, also known as Tsukuyomi, the moon god in Shinto and Japanese mythology. This makes her one of the few characters in Gintama to be based on mythological characters, with the other notable one being Sakata Gintoki.