Does everyone pay business rates?

Does everyone pay business rates?

Who has to pay? In most circumstances occupiers of properties that are entered in the Valuation Office Agency’s (VOA) business rates lists must pay. Business rates are charged on most commercial (non-domestic) properties such as shops, offices, pubs, warehouses, factories, holiday rental homes or guest houses.

Who is responsible to pay business rates?

Business rates are payable by the occupier of a non-domestic property. This is normally the owner/occupier or the leaseholder of the property. A tenant or leaseholder remains liable to pay business rates if the property is empty.

What is rateable value and rates payable?

The rateable value is an estimate of the amount the property could have been rented for in 2015. You’ll not be paying this amount in business rates, rather it is multiplied by a “multiplier” percentage in order to calculate the business rates. Business rates work similarly to council tax for domestic properties.

What is the Council for Newcastle?

Newcastle City Council
Newcastle City Council is the local government authority for the city and metropolitan borough of Newcastle upon Tyne. The council consists of 78 councillors, three for each of the 26 wards in the city.

Do councils pay business rates?

Local businesses pay business rates to councils. Councils keep 50 per cent of the business rates collected as a ‘local’ share3. The central share is paid to government and is used to pay grants to councils including revenue support grant – the main government grant to support local authority services.

What are typical business rates?

Use the small business multiplier if your rateable value is below £51,000….England or Wales.

Year Standard multiplier Small business multiplier
2019 to 2020 50.4 pence 49.1 pence
2018 to 2019 49.3 pence 48.0 pence
2017 to 2018 47.9 pence 46.6 pence
2016 to 2017 49.7 pence 48.4 pence

How many wards are there in Newcastle?

Three councillors represent each of the 26 wards in the city and usually are elected for a four-year term.

Why is it called Newcastle?

Originally known by its Roman name Pons Aelius, the name “Newcastle” has been used since the Norman conquest of England. Due to its prime location on the River Tyne, the town developed greatly during the Middle Ages and it was to play a major role in the Industrial Revolution, being granted city status in 1882.

Do you have to pay business rates if you are not trading?

The person or company named on the lease agreement, tenancy agreement or license agreement will be responsible for paying the business rates. They will be deemed responsible even if they are not trading from or occupying the property.

Do business rates go to the local council?

How do I contact Newcastle Business rates?

If you require this please phone 0191 2787878 and ask for Business Rates – Our phonelines are currently closed, please email [email protected] with your enquiry and we will respond as soon as possible. We aim to provide high quality services for all our customers but we realise that things can sometimes go wrong.

When will I receive my business rates bill?

We will send you a business rates bill in March each year. This is for the following tax year. For more information about business rates at Newcastle City Council visit our Business Rates – Account Enquires page

Do you have a phoneline for Newcastle City Council?

Our phonelines are currently closed, please email [email protected] with your enquiry and we will respond as soon as possible. Newcastle City Council is committed to equalities and diversity and documents are available in different formats. You can get all the information in large print, in Braille or on audio version.

How do business rates work in the UK?

This rateable value is multiplied by a multiplier (expressed as a poundage) which is set by the government each year to determine the amount of business rates you have to pay. For 2020-2021 the multiplier is £0.512p. If the property qualifies as a small business the multiplier is reduced to £0.499p.