Does Elam Ferguson come back?

Does Elam Ferguson come back?

As fans of HoW know, the end of Season 3 saw Elam attacked by a bear as he was on a rescue mission for the then-captured Bohannon. When Season 4 began last month, the character hadn’t returned but wasn’t written out of the series.

What happened to Elam Ferguson on Hell on Wheels?

In the episode airing last night (September 14) in the US, Elam Ferguson – played by Common – was killed by Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount). Common told Deadline that his decision to leave the drama was a result of him wanting to devote more time to his music career.

What episode does Elam come back?

The Season 3 finale of “Hell on Wheels” left off with Common’s Elam Ferguson becoming entangled in a fight with a bear while searching for Cullen Bohannon. Fans were left in suspense as to the result of that encounter until the character finally reappeared in episode 6 of Season 4.

Does Eva leave Elam?

After making up with Elam they begin an affair behind her husband’s back. When Eva tells Elam she is pregnant with his baby, he gets up and leaves her there without a word. Toole that she is pregnant and it is not his child.

What happened to Elam?

Recently on the AMC drama, the character of Elam (played since Day 1 by the rapper/actor Common) resurfaced after having been presumed dead as the result of a Season 3-ending bear attack. Instead, Elam had survived — though the mauling left him with brain damage.

Is Elam dead in season 4?

‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 4 — Elam Dies, Shot by Cullen Bohannon | TVLine.

Was Elam killed by the bear?

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