Does Disneyland do anything special for proposals?

Does Disneyland do anything special for proposals?

ENGAGEMENTS FROM ROMANTIC TO WHIMSICAL Plan the perfect proposal in an idyllic Disney destination. From land to sea, each Disney setting offers unique engagement ideas for every couple—whether you’d like to make a grand gesture or simply share an unforgettable moment together.

Is Disney World a good place to propose?

Disney World is one of the most romantic places in the world. It’s where couples make memories, get engaged, and sometimes get married. There are nice restaurants with sweeping views and gorgeous photo opportunities on every corner.

Where can I propose in Disneyland?


  • In front of the castle. This one can be a little obvious but it’s a classic for a reason.
  • Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Favorite Disney character.
  • Photo walls and props.
  • On a ride.
  • Snow Whites Wishing Well.
  • Pixar-Pal-Around.
  • Club 33.

How do you propose to Disney?

10+ Disney Proposal Ideas Fit For a Princess

  1. Propose at Disneyland’s Amazing Castle.
  2. Get Help From Her Favorite Princess.
  3. Get Creative with a Caricature Proposal.
  4. Propose on the Tower of Terror.
  5. Take a Carriage Ride.
  6. Propose During Disney’s Fireworks.
  7. Find A Castle To Propose at Near You.
  8. Cosplay It Up.

Can I hire a photographer for Disney?

Guests who wish to book time with a photographer for longer than 20 minutes must book additional 20-minute sessions in advance, with each session priced at $79. Photos are not included in the price of the session.

How many people have proposed at Disneyland?

Proving that childhood nostalgia never truly leaves us, the study revealed that the most popular place to get engaged is in fact Disneyland Paris, with one in 500 proposals taking place at what is often referred to as ‘the most magical place on earth’.

Can you get married at Disneyland?

Disneyland does offer in-park weddings at Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure; however, these packages are highly customized and unique, and no specific pricing is available. In-park weddings are held before or after the park’s scheduled operating hours.

How much is it to propose at Disneyland?

Disney Engagement and Proposal Packages Custom Disney Experiences that build your dream day start at $7,500 at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, $10,000 at Disneyland Resort California, or you can say aloha to forever in Hawaii with a custom Aulani engagement package starting at $3,800.

How do you propose a girl at Disneyland?

Just be on the lookout for someone who isn’t crazy busy, ask very politely, and have a plan in mind. You’ll do much better with a question like “Can you suggest a quieter spot with a Photopass photographer for me to propose?” than “I want to propose, what free stuff can I get?”