Does carrier own automated logic?

Does carrier own automated logic?

Automated Logic Corporation is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, United States and manufactures building automation systems. Automated Logic Corporation was acquired by the Carrier Corporation (parent: United Technologies Corporation.) in 2004.

Who owns Automated Logic?

United Technologies CorporationAutomated Logic Corporation / Parent organization
Automated Logic is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. Automated Logic Corporation provides innovative building-management solutions that maximize energy efficiency and sustainable building operation while ensuring comfort.

What is WebCTRL?

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® is a building automation system that offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. Your building can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your favorite browser, eliminating the need for special software on the workstation or tablet.

How do I unlock Automated Logic thermostat?

Press and hold the 2 buttons again for 5 seconds to unlock the buttons. NOTE If you press the button slightly before the button, the sensor will go into an override state instead of locking the buttons.

Does carrier own ALC?

Carrier Corporation, the acquiring subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), is committed to the Automated Logic brand and to its independent network of authorized dealers….

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What is ALC HVAC?

At Automated Logic, we translate ideas and visions into real plans, real systems and, ultimately, some of the most intelligent buildings on Earth. WE MAKE HVAC SYSTEMS EFFICIENT.

Does Automated Logic have an app?

The MyWay mobile App extends the power of the WebCTRL® building automation system from the facility manager to building occupants, putting them in control of their own comfort.

Who makes WebCTRL?

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® With its ability to run on Java2-compliant server platforms such as Windows®, Linux and Sun™ Solaris™, WebCTRL can operate with many JDBC-compliant databases including Access, SQL and Oracle®.

Is Automated Logic BACnet?

The Automated Logic® OptiFlex™ BACnet Building Controller (OFBBC) is a high-performance, native BACnet controller and router for the WebCTRL® building automation system. It provides the speed, power, memory, and I/O flexibility needed for the most demanding control applications in the industry.