Does Blue Dart deliver on Saturday in India?

Does Blue Dart deliver on Saturday in India?

Blue dart is closed on Sunday,it means you can’t ship or receive item from Blue dart on Sunday. They work from Monday to Saturday all business days. They maintain standard time from 8 AM to 8 PM for all delivery services. Note : Blue dart might be open on some special ceremonies.

Does Delhivery deliver on Sunday?

Delhivery is working towards 24 hours a day, seven days a week delivery service in India. If you want a Delhivery package to be delivered on Sunday, you need to make sure you ask the company before purchasing the parcel to avoid disappointment, as Sunday delivery may not be offered to your chosen location.

Which is better Blue Dart or DHL?

While Blue Dart is the leader of the air express industry in India, DHL Express is the No. Blue Dart has a unique domestic infrastructure and is the only domestic cargo airline in the SAARC region, with a fleet of 6 Boeing 757 freighters. Blue Dart operates freighters to handle time-sensitive, express packages.

Do Blue Dart deliver before expected date?

A guaranteed door-to-door time definite delivery of shipments by air the next possible business day by 10:30 hours, targeted at time-critical business-to-business needs.

Do couriers work on Saturdays?

We define a business day as a standard weekday – Monday to Friday (not including public holidays). We can still deliver on Saturdays but the sender of the parcel will need to apply an additional ticket to the parcel for this service.

Do couriers work on Sundays?

Though the vast majority of couriers don’t actually operate on Sundays, you’ll be glad to know that you can still drop off your parcels at one of over 16,000 drop-off locations that are open on a Sunday.

Is DTDC and Delhivery are same?

Delhivery – It is a reputed and reasonable domestic courier service. It offers quick delivery service, online monitoring etc for better customer satisfaction. 7. DTDC – The Dotzot service of the DTDC is quite popular and is quite reasonably charged.

What is Blue Dart?

Welcome to Blue Dart, South Asia’s premier express air and integrated transportation and distribution company that accesses the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network across 220 countries worldwide. At Blue Dart, we understand the value of your time.

How do I notify Blue Dart of a late delivery?

Shipper must notify Blue Dart of any claim for late delivery, in writing or by telephone, within 48 hours of the shipment date and provide Blue Dart with the account number (if any), the waybill number, the date of shipment, and complete receiver information.

What are the benefits of Blue Dart’s e-tailing service?

The service will also be beneficial for those who travel often, especially with the festive season around the corner. While e-tailing offers customers the opportunity to shop around the clock, with PARCEL LOCKER, Blue Dart will offer the convenience of a 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year delivery mechanism.

How do I schedule a pick-up from Blue Dart?

Click on Location Finder to search for the delivery locations you require, or Contact Blue Dart. Contact Blue Dart to organize a pick-up. Track your shipments online in real-time from pick-up to delivery.