Does Apple have an official eBay store?

Does Apple have an official eBay store?

Apple Has Relaunched Its ‘Secret’ eBay Store To Unload Refurbished Phones. eBay If you’re looking to score an iPhone 5 on the cheap, head on over to eBay immediately. Apple’s eBay store — which undercuts the prices on Apple’s online store — appears to be back up, according to TechCrunch.

Does Apple warranty cover eBay purchases?

As said earlier,, the warranty started on date of purchase when the phone was first procured. Ebay is not an authorized Apple seller and hence, means nothing.

Is eBay proof of purchase?

Step 1: Log in to eBay and access your “Purchase History.” Step 2: Select the order you want a receipt for. Step 3: Click “View Printer Friendly page.” Your receipt will now be visible on the screen.

Does Apple ask for proof of purchase?

Keep your sales receipt and proof of coverage in a safe place. When seeking service, Apple may request that you submit the original sales receipt of your product to verify eligibility for warranty service, even if you have already registered your product.

Can I sell Apple products on eBay?

As of now, Apple has reopened its “Secret eBay Store” to sell refurbished iPhone inventory. you want an iPhone 5 at a lower price, look no further than eBay. TechCrunch reported that Apple’s eBay store, which undercuts Apple’s retail prices on Apple’s site, is back up and running.

Does Apple warranty start from purchase date or activation?

Answer: A: Answer: A: The free, standard, one-year AppleCare plan starts on the day you purchased the device from Apple, which is the invoice date.

Do you have to give a receipt when selling on eBay?

Unless you’re selling something within the warranty period, there is no need for the receipt. eBay is about description. As long as you describe the merchandise as accurate as possible, you don’t have to provide anything that is NOT in that description.

How do I print a buyer’s receipt on eBay?

In order to print buyer invoices on eBay, simply go to your eBay account and head to the account tab. Go to the invoices box, and in the drop-down menu choose select Invoice. Now you choose to view or print the invoice of your choice.

Where can I get proof of purchase from Apple?

Find your receipt or log into and see if you can find the device. The latter option won’t prove you own it it only proves you had registered it to your account.

What happens if you don’t have proof of purchase Apple?

If you don’t have proof, like if you bought from a 3rd party seller, Apple will happily repair your device for the standard fee. With AppleCare+, which will be on record electronically so you don’t have to worry about finding proof, that rate will be greatly reduced.

Do I need a license to sell Apple products?

It’s illegal to sell Apple products unless you’re an approved reseller.

What Apple products can you buy on eBay?

The iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iMac 2019 are some of their devices that have helpful features for using technology easily. You can find a wide variety of used and new Apple products on eBay, including new releases.

Is this proof of purchase enough to sue Apple?

Sorry, to be cinic, but if you have proof of purchase, it should be enough. You simply could not fake this in any way. You have, I assume, proof of purchase from the reseller. This has no value with Apple: your complaint is with the reseller.

Is this proof of purchase enough?

Sorry, to be cinic, but if you have proof of purchase, it should be enough. You simply could not fake this in any way. You have, I assume, proof of purchase from the reseller.

Is it better to buy from Apple reseller or original owner?

Or the original owner stands a better chance at having Apple reset their device for them. Resellers, as we use the term, are usually third party vendors who are not authorized by Apple. Apple provides no warranty support for cellular devices outside of the country of purchase.