Do you grease HT 100 drag washers?

Do you grease HT 100 drag washers?

In practice, this means you don’t need to grease the washers like many do with HT-100. In fact, Penn even warns that adding greases can inhibit the performance of the Dura-Drag washers.

How thick are drag washers?

Penn Drag Washer Dimensions (2005 list)

Penn drag washer part # ID x OD x thickness in millimeters
#6-113h 13.06 x 27.02 x 1.34
#6-114 15.16 x 24.25 x 1.23
#6-115 14.82 x 29.54 x 1.33
#6-116 16.55 x 32.69 x 1.36

Do you oil or grease felt drag washers?

The metal washers are easy to clean – merely wipe them off with a clean rag. If rusted, remove it with steel wool or fine sandpaper. Once the felt is dry, work a few drops of reel oil into each. Be careful not to apply too much and never apply grease!

What is the Penn versa drag?

At the heart of the PENN Squall II Star Drag reels is a Versa-Drag™ system with HT-100™ washers that give the reel a smooth drag that wears down fish while minimizing impact on the line.

What is Carbontex drag washers?

Home » Carbontex Drag Washers. Our line of Carbontex drag washers, New Generation Carbon Fibre drag washers. This very high quality carbon fibre drag material is the perfect combination of unrivalled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance.

What are felt washers used for?

When used between spacers, felt washers provide advantages such as load distribution, insulation, and light sealing. They also serve to protect installation surfaces by functioning as a soft, flexible barrier. Felt washers can be stamped in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

What is Dartanium?

Dartanium is a graphite-based material that’s not remotely like carbon-fiber. Having seen what Dartanium will do to reels given time, the first thing I’ll do in any future Shimano reels I purchase will be to upgrade the drag to Carbontex. This is a mild case of what Dartanium can do to gears: Gear from a Curado 50E.