Do National Open University of Nigeria go for NYSC?

Do National Open University of Nigeria go for NYSC?

The NOUN made efforts to ensure its graduates below age 30 (the maximum age limit) participate in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and Law graduates proceed to the Nigerian Law School. The University released a statement where it affirmed that students of NOUN can now enroll and be part of the NYSC program.

Will NOUN student go for NYSC 2021?

This is to inform all National Open University Nigeria (NOUN) graduates that the process leading to the collection of NYSC Exclusion Letters for graduates of the 2019/2020 & 2021 Convocation is on. Registration for the NYSC exclusion letter will close on 12th July 2021.

Is National Open University certificate recognized outside Nigeria?

QUALIFICATIONS obtained from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) have enjoyed greater recognition outside the country than at home. He said, “Our certificates are more recognised outside the country.

Is Law accredited in National Open University of Nigeria?

National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Is Not Accredited to Run Law Programmes. Mr Okocha also said that the Council of Legal Education operated under law and therefore would continue to implement the law.

How long is NOUN program?

Most NOUN academic disciplines are four years and can be run in a maximum of eight years.

How much is NOUN school fees for new students?

The Nigerian Open University management has published the amount of school fees to be paid by both returning students and freshers for the 2022/2023 academic session….NOUN School Fees for Undergraduate.

S/No Payment Fees Amount (N)
1 Registration Fees 6,000.00
2 Caution Deposit 3,500.00
3 Orientation Fees 1,500.00

Does NOUN pay per semester?

The National Open University School fees should be one of your concern so that you will know what you are up against before applying for admission, as the National open university of nigeria school fees are being paid per semester (not per session/year).

How long is a semester in NOUN?

The first semester usually starts from January to June while the second semester runs for the rest six months of the year. New students are absorbed in both semesters.