Do foreigners pay income tax in Hong Kong?

Do foreigners pay income tax in Hong Kong?

There is income tax for every individual in Hong Kong. Even foreigners have to pay taxes. Royalties and/or fees paid to non-resident/overseas entertainers or sportsmen for their performances in Hong Kong are subjected to withholding tax on their assessable profits.

Who is a non Hong Kong resident?

However, whether an individual is a “non-resident” of Hong Kong is primarily a question of fact and the Inland Revenue Department, as a matter of administrative practice, has all along considered that an individual is a non-resident of Hong Kong if the individual does not have a home or a place of habitual abode in …

Do people in Hong Kong pay income tax?

Hong Kong SAR does not impose income tax based on an individual’s total income. That is, business or trading profits are taxed under profits tax, income from employment, office, or pension is taxed under salaries tax, and rental income from immovable property is taxed under property tax.

Who is eligible to pay tax in Hong Kong?

Personal Income Tax Rates

Net Chargeable Income (in HKD currency) Rate
0– 50,000 HKD 2%
50,001– 100,000 HKD 6%
100,001– 150,000 HKD 10%
150,001– 200,000 HKD 14%

How is tax residency calculated in Hong Kong?

A person who stays in Hong Kong for a period or periods amounting to more than 180 days during the relevant year of assessment, or for a period or periods amounting to more than 300 days in two consecutive years of assessment (one of which is the year of claim), will be regarded as a Hong Kong resident.

Who pays tax in Hong Kong?

Most individual taxpayers in Hong Kong who receive income from an office, employment or pension are charged salaries tax. This article will tell you whether you need to pay salaries tax, what to do when paying it and the types of notice you need to give the Inland Revenue Department when your circumstances change.

Who has to pay tax in Hong Kong?

A. 1 As you are seconded to work full time in HK, you have a HK employment and will be taxed on your full income. You should report the income in tax returns and pay tax as a local employee. There will not be any tax relief for you in respect of tax paid by reason of your nationality/residence/citizenship.