Do BBS wheels still exist?

Do BBS wheels still exist?

In 2007, BBS went bankrupt and was taken over by the Belgian firm Punch International. As of 1 July 2015, South Korean firm Nice Corp became the majority owner. In 2020, BBS GmbH filed for bankruptcy but is still operating.

Is BBS a good wheel brand?

For the quality factor in this review, BBS wheels fall in the superior category due to the precise craftsmanship, quality, design and performance. The performance benefits of BBS wheels is also in the superior category since, BBS wheels were originally manufactured for super high performance race cars.

Is BBS wheels going out of business?

October 12, 2020 One of the biggest wheel companies, BBS, founded in 1970 by two amateur racers has filed for bankruptcy.

What does BBS stand for wheels?

In the beginning, they thought of a brand combining the first letter of their names, as well as their town’s name – BBS (Baumgartner, Brand, Schiltach). Things started to move. However, Heinrich Baumgartner wanted more. He wanted to make the most beautiful rims in the world.

How can you tell if BBS rims are real?

All of the rivets around the face of the wheel have BBS engraved on them. Dimensions of the center cap are unique… forget what the authentic sizes are. If they have original stem caps, those also have BBS on them.

Are all BBS made in Germany?

Today, BBS is not just a small company located in the Black Forest region of Germany. BBS has a worldwide presence and we design, test and manufacture all of our own products and technologies.

Why are BBS wheels so expensive?

Well, you start off with a Billet of 6000 series aluminum, then using a three-phase die-forging process, a semi-finished piece is formed. This is one of the reasons that make a set of BBS aluminum alloys very unique and thus fairly expensive.

What is special about BBS wheels?

BBS has produced many cast flow-formed wheels for OE customers like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. This technology can produce a high performance product that is also a great value. BBS started making high performance products back in 1970 and that is still the heart of the brand today.

Are BBS wheels made in China?

2022 Factory Price Wheels Custom Rims Alloy Wheels for BBS Made in China. Shandong Vesteon Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

Are BBS wheels aluminum?

BBS uses the low-pressure aluminum casting technique to manufacture our base light alloy wheels. As with all our products, the stiffness to weight ratio is also achieved with our cast wheels.

Why are BBS rims so popular?

Evidently, automakers wanted a piece of the very fruitful pie that BBS was baking, resulting in them becoming the go-to brand for wheels. BMW, Lexus, and Ford were some of the exclusive automobile manufacturers that not just utilized their wheels but unwittingly endorsed them.

Are BBS wheels made in Japan?

Located in Takaoka-City, BBS Japan creates the forgings for all of our forged road and racing wheels. Hydraulic forging presses up to 9000 tons are used to produce the forgings that will become a BBS wheel. Back in 1983, this facility produced the die-forged “RS” design wheel that is still an icon today.