Did you know the longest breath held underwater is 24 03 minutes?

Did you know the longest breath held underwater is 24 03 minutes?

Which, in Segura’s case, is a very, very long time. In 2016, he set the Guinness World Record by holding his breath for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. That’s 54 seconds longer than the world’s previous best time (which Segura also set), and some two minutes longer than the runtime of most sitcoms.

How long can Alexey Molchanov hold his breath?

Molchanov can dive more than 39 stories deep – while holding a single breath for nearly five minutes. Sharyn Alfonsi: It doesn’t seem like a good idea to dive that deep and to hold your breath that long.

Who holds the record for the deepest dive in history?

Ahmed Gabr
The deepest dive ever (on record) is 1,082 feet (332 meters) set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. That depth is the equivalent of approximately 10 NBA basketball courts aligned vertically. In terms of pressure, that’s about 485 pounds per square inch.

What happened Natalia molchanova?

Natalia Molchanova achieved that time, the women’s world record in static apnea—holding her breath while motionless in a pool—in 2013. Two years later, Molchanova, considered by many to be the greatest free diver in history, disappeared off the coast of Spain during a recreational dive on a sunny August morning.

Who is Alexey Molchanov father?

Natalia Molchanova
Alexey is a son of Natalia Molchanova – multiple champion and world record holder in freediving.

What is the world record for freediving?

In 2016, William Trubridge broke his old freediving record of 121 meters by diving to the depth of 124 meters, holding his breath for 4 minutes and 34 seconds. FIM Record: Jeanine Gasmeijer Depth: 92 meters In 2016, Jeanine Gasmeijer dove to the depth of 92 meters in just 3 minutes and 46 seconds.

Who holds the world record for the longest time diving?

He is a multiple World Champion and the current holder of the World’s Freediving Record. Nitsch holds 33 world records and can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes! Freediving is one of the oldest forms of diving and involves divers diving as deep as they can dive on one breath of air.

How many freediving records does Nanja van den Broek have?

Nanja Van Den Broek has 20 freediving records to her name, so it came as no surprise when she set a new world record in 2015 by diving 130 meters in Sharm-el Sheikh. No Limits Freediving is the discipline that requires the deepest free diving to be done.

How long can you freedive underwater?

Today, freediving is a competitive activity and expert divers can last for up to 22 minutes submerged under the water. Expert freediver, Stig Severinsen, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest freedive under ice on a single breath of air – and he earned the record while diving in Speedos!