Did Forest River buy Palomino?

Did Forest River buy Palomino?

PALOMINO PURCHASED BY FOREST RIVER, INC. ft. In 2002 Vanguard was purchased by Forest River, Inc. This allowed for rapid growth and the introduction of two new towable lines of travel trailers and fifth wheels, Puma by Palomino and Sabre by Palomino.

Where are Palomino trailers made?

The Palomino motorhome brand has a few manufacturing facilities in North America. These facilities are located in Colon, Michigan, Middlebury, Indiana, and Goshen, Indiana. Moreover, the company allows factory tours, with one of the most sought-after being the truck camper manufacturing facility.

How much is a Palomino RV?

But just how much does a Palomino truck camper cost? Palomino truck campers cost anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000, depending on the model of the camper. As Palomino makes 28 different models of their truck camper, that offer varying floorplans, sizes, and designs.

What is the smallest Palomino camper?

Real-Lite Mini
A brand new product by Palomino, the Real-Lite Mini is sure to amaze….Specifications.

Floorplan: RL186 : Lite Travel Trailers RL189 : Lite Travel Trailers
GVWR: 4,905 lb. 4,945 lb.
UVW: 3,974 lb. 3,849 lb.
CCC: 931 lb. 1,096 lb.
Exterior Length: 21′ 9″ 22′ 11″

Does Palomino still make pop up campers?

Palomino’s wet bath pop-up camper floor plans are the SS-1500 and SS-1251. The SS-1240 has a toilet only. The SS-1200, SS-550, SS-500, Rogue EB-1, and Rogue EB-2 are smaller pop-up campers with no bathroom. To contact Palomino RV in Colon, Michigan, call 269-432-3271….Specifications.

Truck Type Long Bed

What company makes Puma trailers?

Palomino RV
Puma | Palomino RV – Manufacturer of Quality RVs since 1968.