Did Dominic Sherwood and Taylor Swift date?

Did Dominic Sherwood and Taylor Swift date?

The Modern Family actress starred in Vampire Academy with Sherwood, but their relationship just recently turned romantic. They were not shy about packing on the PDA while out in Hollywood recently.

Who is the guy in style music video?

Dominic Sherwood (“Style”) Fans were impressed by Sherwood’s performance alongside Swift in the “Style” music video in 2015. The U.K. native has also appeared in Vampire Academy, Shadowhunters and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Why are Jace eyes different colors?

He Has Heterochromia Have you noticed Sherwood has two different color eyes? That’s because he has Heterochromia, a condition that caused Sherwood to have one blue eye and one eye that’s half blue, half brown. Other celebs with heterochromia include Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, and Henry Cavill.

Who is the man in Taylor Swift style video?

actor Dominic Sherwood
“Style” also entered the top ten on charts and received multi-platinum certifications in Australia and Canada. Filmmaker Kyle Newman directed the song’s music video featuring actor Dominic Sherwood as Swift’s love interest.

Which Taylor Swift music video is Dominic Sherwood in?

Dominic Sherwood has appeared in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Not Fade Away” and “Vampire Academy,” but his big break came when Taylor Swift’s “Style” video premiered last month. He plays the guy with the James Dean daydream look in his (dual-colored) eyes.

Why does Jace Herondale have gold eyes?

James Herondale has gold eyes because of his demon blood from Tessa and Jace has gold eyes because of Ithuriel. Cassie said, either on Twitter or Tumblr, that golden eyes are a sign of magic in your blood.

Who is the guy from blank space?

model Sean O’Pry
Your Twitter feed has undoubtedly been deluged today with screenshots, GIFs, and musings related to the surprising, rollicking music video for Taylor Swift’s second single, “Blank Space.” Swift’s co-star in the video is male model Sean O’Pry—who, like Swift, was born in 1989 (more on that later), and who was 2013’s …

How tall is Dominic Sherwood?

5′ 11″Dominic Sherwood / Height