Conclusion – on of the most important parts of the dissertation

First of all, the dissertation is a serious scientific paper, that takes a lot of time and efforts to make. The dissertation is composed of the research work oriented on solving of a certain problem, which is connected to a doctorate student’s study. You will need certain features to succeed. They are steadiness, temperance, and longanimity.

Structure of the dissertation

Let us see what the most significant parts of the ready work.

  • Introduction;
  • Research design;
  • Research results;
  • Conclusion.

They say “Good beginning doesn’t prove good ending”. Conclusion is the final result of the whole work, reflection, summarizing of all the ideas you have written about. It would be no exaggeration to say – the conclusion is what the dissertation is written for.

Goals of conclusion

Before beginning to write the conclusion part of your dissertation, you should survey its goal. Notwithstanding what is your subject, there is a certain point you want to become clear to your readers. As a matter, they should see:

  • A general representation of the meaningful contributions – Both the committee and the common reader should clearly see what the initial inputs of your work and their place in the research area. You can simply make a list of your contributions.
  • Brief description the principal points of previous chapters – The whole work is too long to read for many people. Your conclusion should be an official summary of your entire paper and give a brief (but thorough) insight into the dissertation.
  • Advisory – conclusion should tell what pragmatic value results from your discoveries. Your recommendations should be applicable and based on the results of your survey.
  • Prospect – Science work is never over. That’s what makes it so interesting. No scientific work is absolute, in reality, a good dissertation should arouse great interest and inspire the following investigation in a certain subject.

If you want a guaranteed result

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