Can you watch Sky movie while downloading?

Can you watch Sky movie while downloading?

Re-watch your favourite shows again and again, catch up on ones you’ve missed, and save up shows to watch even if live TV isn’t working: Select the movie or show to add it to your download queue. When it’s ready to watch, we’ll let you know.

Can’t download from Sky on demand?

Check your broadband You need an active broadband connection to download shows and movies On Demand. To check your box is connected: Press Home on your Sky Q remote then scroll to Settings. Check both connection to broadband router and Connection to internet are ticked.

Why is Sky download paused?

Sounds like you might have a failed download somewhere that’s stopping your queue. Go to Recordings / Downloads and delete any there. Then go to Recordings / Manage / Deleted and permanently delete any failed downloads you find there. Then try to download the shows again.

How long should it take to download a film on Sky?

Sky store downloading film at about 3 mins an hour.

Why is On Demand not working on Sky?

Whatever the actual issue may be, restarting the Sky box is likely to fix the situation when the box is unresponsive. To restart it, turn the box off as well as any devices that you connected to it. In most cases, that will be your TV and the router. You can also reboot the Sky box via the Sky remote.

Why is my Sky go download queued?

@Me+and+him it sounds like you have a download that hasn’t fully downloaded for 1 reason or another go into recordings and check for any recordings that are either showing a percentage of being downloaded or are showing as failed ,if you have any delete them.

Do you have to pay for On Demand on Sky?

On Demand is offered without charge to all Sky customers with Sky+ HD boxes, although access to premium content such as sport and movies will depend on the subscriber’s package.

Why is my sky Store download taking so long?

Re: Sky store downloading film at about 3 mins an hour If your Sky box is connected over wifi to your broadband router, the slow speed is probably the result of a poor wifi link. You should be able to stop the download by deleting it, then deleting it permanently from your Planner’s Deleted tab.