Can you use LaTeX in MATLAB?

Can you use LaTeX in MATLAB?

Create Text with LaTeX By default, MATLAB interprets text using TeX markup. However, for more formatting options, you can use LaTeX markup instead.

What is LaTeX command in MATLAB?

LaTeX Form of Symbolic Expressions Copy Command Copy Code. Find the LaTeX form of the symbolic expressions x^2 + 1/x and sin(pi*x) + phi . syms x phi chr = latex(x^2 + 1/x) chr = ‘\frac{1}{x}+x^2’ chr = latex(sin(pi*x) + phi)

What is LaTeX and MATLAB?

Accepted Answer This is a legitimate Question, considering that MATLAB supports both TeX and LaTeX markup. These are text interpreters that allow you to display mathematical expressions (both) and other text (LaTeX) with specific formatting and other options that most other text editors do not support.

How do you write a fraction in the legend in MATLAB?

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  1. An old topic, but I’ve got an improved answer.
  2. Star Strider’s answer will work but it will look a bit silly. But like they suggest, you could use LaTeX interpreter instead.
  3. Using LaTeX interpreter, you could accomplish this by writing:
  4. \frac{a}{b} is a LaTeX syntax for fractions.

How do I publish a MATLAB live script?

To publish your code:

  1. Create a MATLAB script or function. Divide the code into steps or sections by inserting two percent signs ( %% ) at the beginning of each section.
  2. Document the code by adding explanatory comments at the beginning of the file and within each section.
  3. Publish the code.

How do I make my legend bigger in MATLAB?

You can change the font size for a MATLAB legend by setting the ‘FontSize’ property of the Legend object. For example, plot four lines. Create a legend and assign the Legend object to the variable ‘lgd’. Then, use dot notation to access the ‘FontSize’ property and set the value to 14 points.

How do I publish a MATLAB script?

How do you write fractions in latex?

To write a fraction, you use the code \frac{expression in the numerator}{expression in the denominator} . Formulas that appear in text are called inline.

What is the difference between script and live script MATLAB?

MATLABĀ® live scripts and live functions are interactive documents that combine MATLAB code with formatted text, equations, and images in a single environment called the Live Editor….Differences with Plain Code Scripts and Functions.

Live Scripts and Functions Plain Code Scripts and Functions
File Extension .mlx .m

How do I change the interpreter for the legend in MATLAB?

Actually, the default interpreter in MATLAB for legend is ‘tex’, I guess. It is not changed from the code line. What I had to do was to right click on the legend in the figure window and then changed the ‘interpreter’ from ‘tex’ to ‘latex’.

How do I Turn Off the latex interpreter for the legend?

The LaTeX interpreter can be turned off for a text object by setting the ‘Interpreter’ property to ‘none’. You can specify the interpreter to be used with the legend using the ‘Interpreter’ parameter/value pair input argument to the LEGEND function. For example, Note that the legend string (s) must be enclosed in a cell array.

Can I use latex symbols in MATLAB?

By default, MATLAB supports a subset of TeX markup. For a list of supported symbols, see the documentation . For more symbols, you can use LaTeX markup by setting the Interpreter property to ‘latex’. Use dollar symbols around the text.