Can you put your own TV in a TV bed?

Can you put your own TV in a TV bed?

Can I use my current TV with a new TV Bed? Yes, though we would check the dimensions of any bed before you purchase. Each bed differs with regard to the size of the TV it can hold.

How much does a TV bed cost?

But if you want the Hi Bed, their “new smart bed” which is basically the second generation version of the first model, you’ll have to join the waiting list to get your hands on one. This bed will definitely cost you some big bucks as it is priced at almost $40,000.

Are TV beds cool?

So not only are these beds cool they are ultra practical too. With up to four times the storage available as a 4 drawer divan these beds go the extra mile. Plus with hydraulic gas lift arms, access is super easy. No weight lifting necessary.

What size is a king size TV bed?

King size TV beds offer all the benefits of a super king TV bed without the need for additional floor space. Measuring 5ft x 6ft 6 inches (150cm x 200cm), our range of king size TV beds make the ideal bedroom companion for singles and couples alike.

Where does the Ariel go on a TV bed?

If you have a sky or digital box (which most of us now do) the box will go in a compartment under the bed. If you still want to use a classic TV aerial the lead coming from the TV should be connected to the aerial source which should be in the bed, depending on the model.

Do TV beds break?

This allows you to keep safe while using our selection of TV beds, so you needn’t worry about your bed breaking at any point! As well as keeping you safe whilst using the bed, our range of TV beds allow you to be safe in the surroundings of your bedroom as a whole.

What is the biggest bed size UK?

215 x 215cm
Emperor (215 x 215cm) The Emperor is the largest mattress size in the UK, measuring an impressive 215 x 215cm (that’s 7ft by 7ft!).

Can you have sky with a TV bed?

Are TV beds a fire hazard?

As well as being safe from a fire hazard standpoint, we can assure you that this doesn’t distract our attention from selling sturdy and secure TV beds, just the same as a standard bed!

What is a super king bed?

What’s a Super King Size Bed? The super king bed is one of the larger beds on the market, measuring at 72 by 78 inches (180 by 200 centimeters) and considered an “oversized mattress.” It is thinner and slightly shorter than a standard king size mattress.

Is there a King Size TV bed?

Even though the footboard has a TV in it, everything else about a Wildwood TV Bed is built to be totally standard, depending on which size of TV bed you order. So, if you want a king-sized TV bed, just get a standard king-sized bed frame and our headboard, side rails, and TV lift footboard will perfectly surround the frame.

Can a TV lift be made into a bed set?

Most of our 120 designs can be made into bed sets. Specialists in high end hidden TV lift furniture since 2002, Cabinet Tronix offers indoor TV lift cabinets. Call Us Today!

Do your TV beds come pre-built?

Is assembly required? We ship all of our TV beds pre-built. This means that when your bed arrives, the headboard, footboard, and any other cabinets (nightstands, captain’s bed cabinets) are fully built before they are boxed and shipped to you.

Can I use my own TV with the captain’s bed base?

The captain’s bed base is designed with a full platform for your mattress to rest directly upon. Can I use my own TV? Our TV Beds use one of the most versatile TV lift mechanisms on the market, but there are still TVs that won’t work with our mechanism. So, if you’d like to make your life a whole lot easier, just get the TV from us.