Can you put a ham radio antenna in the attic?

Can you put a ham radio antenna in the attic?

In the attic, you ask? Yes, in the attic! Many Hams, including many of you reading this, are limited by HOA or other outdoor antenna restrictions. But even if you can’t put up an outdoor antenna, you can still operate with antennas installed in an accessible attic space.

Do dipole antennas have to be straight?

Dipole antennas need not be installed in a horizontal straight line. They are generally tolerant of bending, sloping or drooping as required by the antenna site. Remember, however, that dipole antennas are RF conductors. (So does the coax shield, unless it is routed at 90° from the antenna.)

Do dipole antennas need to be grounded?

Therefore, a dipole antenna requires two parts in order to radiate and the amount of radiation will be proportional to the dipole current. Note also from Figure 2 that, a dipole does not require a “ground” to work. A good analogy is to consider what happens when we clap our hands.

Do attic antennas attract lightning?

Member. An attic antenna isn’t going to attract lightning anymore than the usual stuff found in the attic such as AC ducts, electrical wiring, CATV, phone, etc.

Does an attic mounted antenna need to be grounded?

Generally the answer has been that since the Antenna is in the attic, that it will not draw in lightning, so the grounding is not needed.

Can you bend a dipole antenna?

One way to fit a dipole antenna in a restricted space is to bend the legs. They can be bent horizontally, drooped downward, or any other imaginable configuration to fit in the space available. Remember, whatever energy is fed to the antenna will radiate if it isn’t lost in resistance.

Will a CB antenna work in an attic?

Bottom Line: The attic antenna can work if you can walk around in the attic if is not very tall try a 3 to 4 ft. fiberglass loaded antenna with radials It will probably work better than you expect it the loss is kept at a minimum………

What is a stealth antenna?

A Stealth Antenna is one which is designed to go unnoticed. This can be accomplished by any of the following: 1. Making it difficult to see. Use thin wire.

What is the best dipole antenna?

Top 9 Best Dipole Antenna Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

  1. MFJ 1778M G5RV – Best Budget Dipole Antenna.
  2. ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band – Best Quality Dipole Antenna.
  3. WINDCAMP Gipsy Horizontal Dipole Antenna.
  4. OCF 8 bands 160-6 HF Windom antenna.
  5. Sirio SD 27 Dipole CB/10 Meter Base Antenna.
  6. 40-6LPOCFD Off Center Fed Antenna.