Can you pan for gold in Waihi?

Can you pan for gold in Waihi?

Mining in Waihi has a history that spans three centuries after gold was first discovered in the 1800s. Our Waihi Operation in the North Island of New Zealand is an underground and open pit operation. In early 2019 OceanaGold received consent to develop the Martha Underground.

Why mining activity in Waihi is an issue?

Critics say underground mining in Waihi creates noise and vibrations that disturb the residents, could leave legacy problems, and devalues their properties. Previous operators of the mine, Newmont, have perviously agreed to make payments to residents for noise, dust and vibrations.

Who owns the Waihi gold mine?

The Martha Mine is a gold mine in the New Zealand town of Waihi. Since July 2015 it has been owned by Australian-based OceanaGold.

How much gold comes out of Waihi?

Martha and Favona produced, on average, around 100,000 ounces of gold and around 750,000 ounces of silver annually.

Where can I find gold in creeks NZ?

Designated public areas where you can fossick for gold

Gold fossicking area Permit number Location
Aorere River A (GFA 13) 42013 Nelson/Tasman – Kahurangi National Park
Lower Louis Creek 55529 Nelson/Tasman – Glenhope Scenic Reserve
Jones Creek (GFA 4) 42004 West Coast – Ross area
Jones Creek (GFA 5) 42005 West Coast – Ross area

How deep is the Waihi mine?

600 metres
The Waihi Gold Mining Company continued to mine the deposit until 1952, employing on average 600 men, producing across this time 5.6 million ounces of gold, and 38.4 million ounces of silver, from 11 932 000 tonnes of ore. The underground workings extended to a depth of 600 metres.

What are some of the modern issues with mining in Waihi?

The potential negative impacts relate primarily to Waihi East, the largely residential area under which the mine is being developed. Residents held concerns about structural damage to their properties, reduced amenity, and an associated localised reduction in property prices and market activity.

How deep is the Waihi gold mine?

Seven vertical shafts had been sunk for the underground Martha Mine; the deepest was 600 metres from the surface. Radiating from the shafts was a network of 175 kilometres of tunnels on 15 horizontal levels.

Is gold still mined in New Zealand?

New Zealand has three main goldfields and each has its own geology. In Otago (and Marlborough) gold is found in quartz veins in schist and in river gravels which have weathered from schist. Although gold has never been mined there, it occurs in the Taupō Volcanic Zone in geothermal deposits.