Can you hunt Weyerhaeuser?

Can you hunt Weyerhaeuser?

WELCOME TO WEYERHAEUSER RECREATIONAL ACCESS Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, cycling or just connecting with nature, we have a venue to match your interest.

Is Weyerhaeuser open for hunting?

Access is allowed from 1.5 hours before sunrise to 1.5 hours after sunset. Driving around the permit area after dark is prohibited. Hunting at night is prohibited. The permit area is not open to hunting at night year-round regardless of open season posted in the hunting regulations.

Can you hunt on Weyerhaeuser land in Washington state?

Hunters and campers will be allowed to pitch their tents and park their RVs on Weyerhaeuser Co. land in Southwest Washington this year — with a $300 per family permit. Though the cost has gone up from $160 last year, permits will now allow year-round access.

Can you hunt on Weyerhaeuser land in Oregon?

Weyerhaeuser owns about 1.3 million acres in Western Oregon, and slightly more than half of it is in the fee program. These include areas around Coos Bay and south of Eugene.

What makes Weyerhaeuser?

Weyerhaeuser Company is the world’s largest private owner of softwood timber and the world’s largest producer of softwood lumber and market pulp. This diversified forest products company owns 5.1 million acres of timberland in the United States and license for 27 million acres in Canada.

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Where in the world is Millicoma?

It is an area owned by a private timber company called Weyerhaeuser, and is located in Coos County, Oregon. The property you will be hunting is called the Millicoma Tree Farm.

How to hunt deer in the Umpqua National Forest?

The Umpqua National Forest has nice rolling hills with a lot of oak flats. You can easily spot deer from the road, or choose to walk ridges in some good oak tree areas. The acorns provide months worth of food and will hold deer all season. This is easy hunting country and you just need to put in a couple of days to figure it out.

How much does it cost to start a tree farm?

Weyerhaeuser sells a large (~1,000), number of motorized recreational access permits for their tree farms for a reasonable price, say $50 for an individual and $75 for a family.

What is the hunter success rate on the Vail tree farm?

Overall hunter success increased from 22% (2012) to 33% (2013) to 36% (2014). During the same time period, hunters pursuing elk and black bear, which were not nearly as popular to hunt on the Vail Tree Farm as deer, also slightly decreased.