Can You Get FL Studio on Mac free?

Can You Get FL Studio on Mac free?

Yes. You can download FL Studio for macOS and Windows from our FL Studio downloads page. Purchasing FL Studio gives you a valid licence to use both macOS and Windows versions, including Lifetime Free Updates.

Is there a version of FL Studio for macOS?

Yes FL Studio has been released for macOS. If you already own FL Studio, that license can be used on both Windows and macOS machines. You may make multiple installations on any computers you own. So long as you are the only user.

Is FL Studio Compatible with macOS Catalina?

Yes. FL Studio is fully compatible with macOS Catalina and has been notarised by apple.

Is FL Studio Compatible with Mac Big Sur?

While FL Studio may work on older versions of macOS than indicated, we do not support for them.

What Mac do I need for FL Studio?

To be specific, any Mac user that has Mac Os 10.11 or higher can now use FL Studio as a 64 bit application.

Is FL Studio free now?

The free version of the FL Studio includes all program features and plugins. The free version of the FL Studio allows for step-sequencer editing, while the Pro edition allows for complex sequencing and full recording for internal as well as external audio and post-production tools.

Is FL Studio on Mac good?

For all of your producers that haven’t used the DAW in years or have always wanted to try the DAW, I highly recommend giving FL Studio 20 a spin on a Mac. The compatibility is a game changer for those who never tried the DAW.

How do I install FL Studio on Mac?


  1. From the macOS Finder browse to [Macintosh HD]/Applications/FL
  2. Right-Click FL and choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  3. Navigate to /Contents/Resources/FL. This will place you in the root of the FL Studio installation folder.

Does FL Studio work on Mac M1?

Image Line finally released FL Studio version 20.8. 4 with native support for the Apple Silicon M1 processor.