Can you drive thru Daniel Boone National Forest?

Can you drive thru Daniel Boone National Forest?

The Daniel Boone National Forest offers the perfect place for a driving excursion. More than 600 miles of road allow drivers to explore the heart of eastern and southern Kentucky forests on a weekend road trip or for just a few hours of touring. Some roads are specially designated as a scenic byway.

Can you ride ATVS in Daniel Boone National Forest?

Located in Kentucky, the ATV trails in Daniel Boone Forest offers more than a half-dozen beautiful ATV riding trails. The best Daniel Boone Forest ATV trails based on popularity are considered to be White Sulpher ATV Trail, Redbird Crest Trail, Daniel Boone Trail System, Turkey Foot OHV Route, and S-Tree OHV Route.

Can you camp anywhere in Daniel Boone National Forest?

Daniel Boone National Forest provides campground camping in many different locations across eastern Kentucky. Some campgrounds are more developed than others so please browse our recreational areas to find what suits you best. Reservations may be required in some campgrounds.

Can I drive through the Red River Gorge?

Take a journey through the natural wonders of the Red River Gorge Geological Area. The byway is approximately 46 miles long with travel time of approximately one hour. Allow extra time to stop and enjoy some of the points of interest along the way.

How much does it cost to get into Daniel Boone National Forest?

$5/1 day; $7/3 day; $50 annual. OHV Decal or band.

Are there ATV trails in Kentucky?

Horsepower comes in many forms in Kentucky. ATVs, side by sides and ORVs of all kinds will find miles of adventure on our rugged off-road trails. Eastern Kentucky is home to some of the most popular off-road destinations in the country, like Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area and Rush Off-Road.

Can you Boondock in Daniel Boone National Forest?

Indian Creek in the Daniel Boone National Forest offers 30 or more free campsites. It is free to camp anywhere along Indian Creek, but you must have a permit to stay overnight. Those permits are $3 per day, but you can get three-day or annual passes as well.

Is Nada Tunnel open?

The railroad tracks were removed and a dirt road was laid in the unlit tunnel in order to accommodate horse and pedestrian traffic. Nada Tunnel has since been paved to carry a single lane of road traffic….Nada Tunnel.

Location Powell County, Kentucky, U.S.
Opened 1911
Owner Dana Lumber Company